Round 11 2023 Non Essendon Games

Chickens vs FC
St Kilda vs Hawthorn
Melbourne vs Freo
Geelong vs GWS
GC vs Footscray
Klan vs North
Adelaide vs Brisbane

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Klan and North could get very very ugly

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@Diggers You’re allowed to win this week


Gonna need a bigger backline…

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Have the klan had the easiest draw of all time? FMD

Pretty ordinary weekend of football. The bin chickens vs FC the highlight of that batch, just for the melts if FC lose.

The draw always looks easier when you’re the best team in it.

To date they’ve played Geelong, Brisbane, Port Adelaide, St Kilda, Adelaide, Us who are all either top sides or decent sides.

Their double ups are Brisbane, Geelong, Port Adelaide, Us, Adelaide, Carlton.

Where they have probably got it a bit easy is the interstate travel. Bar Gather Round their interstate trips are Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide twice and Perth just the once.


The Bins v FC is a tough one. Loser is in absolute trouble. Sydney couldn’t have been less impressive in beating North. FC are fraudulent. Crows v Lions is the pick of the bunch. Should be an entertaining game!

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Agree. In terms of interest, this round is a bit weak, not too much to get fired up about.

Hoping Sydney get the job done, but as you say, they were terrible last week. Will be close.

Sydney won’t make the eight. Injury has played it’s part but most glaringly they have gone from the best movers of the ball from defence to the worst. Adelaide are vulnerable but could win enough of their remaining home games + one or two others to get to 12x wins. St Kilda have been admirable so far but continuing to win despite ongoing availability concerns amongst several key players will likely see them drop a few from here on. Of those outside the eight, Essendon have displayed good form, even when losing and Fremantle appear to have gotten past their early season style issues and are now well placed to capitalise on most of their home games from now onwards.

In: Fremantle, Essendon
Out: Adelaide, St Kilda


Swans backline is cooked Curnow and McKay will kick a bag unfortunately

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And they play this week, too.


Then they have us the next week

Given that Sydney have run a clearance deficit against pretty much every opponent so far this season, Currnow and McKay won’t have a better opportunity than tomorrow night to score 100+ points between them in a single game.

Carlton is perfectly suited to the SCG. Their midfield is full of big bodies who aren’t fast.

They will monster the swans. If they don’t, they may as well just give up the season and fold and die

Actually, they can fold and die anyway


Sydney at home with Hickey and Wicks back will be welcome additions.

Carlton aren’t connecting atm so I think Sydney after their shock win last week will lift

Hickey has been named but he’s unlikely to play. Ladhams out for several weeks with an ankle injury also. 2nd gamer, L McAndrew looking like leading the ruck. L Mellican will add some height in defence but he’s only getting a game because there isn’t anyone else with some height available.

Yes hasnt played since 2021 tough that backline

Think Hickey will play though and your midfield is still solid and forwardline good

Struggle these days to forecast a result. But winners aside from us this round:

Swans (expect a reaction and their smalls to go to work. At home. And who knows what FC will turn up)
Saints (should win well)
Dees (still a bit too strong for Dockers)
GWS (reckon there’s a surprise result in them)
Dogs (on a roll)
Lions (just, Crows will fight it out).

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