Round 11 2023 Non Essendon Games

Geelong will pull some bullshit out of their arse to win.

That air of invincibility of the Cats is showing distinct cracks.

The arse cracks are opening.


GWS won’t get anywhere near the 8.

Finish them Giants



This is the only tip I’ve gotten right so far

‘Spectacularly good grab’ oh DWayne

One more will do it for GWS.

Geelong won’t make the top 4 again this decade

Go ■■■■ yourself Jeremy

How does everyother club handle Geelong with ease.

What is this sorcery


■■■■ off Cameron.

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Mullin looks good for his first game after less than 5 VFL games.

GWS and Freo are their bogey sides. They often go down there and win.

Thats classy by Stengle

That is a great kick by Stengle.

GWS have played too well to lose this.

But Geelong are as arsey as anyone, especially at home.

Stupid bounce at GWS CHF and arsey kick off the ground takes it all the way to a Geelong goal.

That narrows the Cat trailing margin to 59-69.

Cats are coming