Round 11 2023 Non Essendon Games

Carn the Devils!!!

I need to support Brisbane. Even if I have to look the other way when the snake does his thing, that’s when he gets motivated rather than wanting to take a break on the fence.

He’ll undoubtedly improve but Cadman looks completely out of his depth at this level right now.

Razor Ray at it again

How was his arm free?

That’s poor Ray

GWS have won there a few times haven’t they?

Seem to always do well down at the ■■■■ hole.

Apparently Ray doesn’t believe in prior opportunity. Takes ball, gets tackled straight to the ground and Ray screams “arm free” when he had no arm free and no time to dispose of the ball in any way legally.


Fremantle and GWS are bogey sides for the Cats.

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Jesse Hogan would frustrate me more than any other player on our list if he was with us. FFS.

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Cerra and Parker cop a week each


Genuinely couldn’t give a stuff. If we are good enough to make finals, we will.

And I can’t stand Melbourne.

Ratugolea injured for the Cats??

Toby Greene is the first visitor at Kardinia Park to have 4+ goals in the opening half of a V/AFL game since David Hale in 2008


They have won a flag albeit a long, long time ago!

1966 by 1 point. Nothing before. Nothing after. Losers.

How much I would love to see GWS win this game, but we all know the cats will pull something out of their arse.

They need to hurry up if they’re going to do it


Really stacking up in the push for the 8. Freo and GWS wins today it’s going to be TIGHT

Cats think they’re ■■■■ Carlton out there with that ■■■■ dark blue jumper

Thus why they’re getting smashed by Toby Green