Round 11 Non Essendon games (Grand Mac Appreciation thread)

Rooster actually have a hipster gourmet range. I had a “pulled” chicken sub with “smashed” avo and salad… It was actually damn good.

I’m sure they have kale shakes.

I used to work at McDs back in the school days.

The lunchtime special we used to make was quarter pounder bun, two patties, double cheese, mac sauce top and bottom, lots of fresh onions and lettuce. Was the shiz. They should have just released that

Alright. Given we pretty much like all the same stuff I am going to hit that up and report back. If I can actually find a Rooters, that is.

Maccas nugs are horrible. Couldn’t pay me to eat them. KFC is king of the nug game.

I had RR for the first time in over a decade about six months ago, it wasn’t the worst thing I’d ever eaten.

I was in Thailand a few years ago and they had four varieties of maccas pie. We’re so far behind in hot pies.

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This isn’t your lemon pie thing again is it

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That makes sense.

Most people I know who worked in Fast food as teenagers, never want to eat it as adults.

I knew there was sumthin I liked about ya. Spent 5 years there myself. We used to do the same thing. Even used filet o fish patties for a double stacker too. I was there in the good old days of fried chicken. God that was good.

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Actually nothing I ever saw at Macca’s was that bad. No spitting in the food or picking it up off the floor etc. the only thing I would never do is eat it in the middle of the night as it’s likely been sitting there for 3 hours (though I’m not sure if that’s the case now)

They do still do cheesy nuggs. They’re pretty ■■■■.

I love to treat myself to a mountain bread wrap with peanut butter. Sometimes I’ll include a couple of carrots. And if I feel really crazy and want to binge then also a handful of almonds. Black coffee in a thermos and a bottle of water. #PartyTime



Thoughts @scotty21 ?


Hjs chips are worth going for only. Incredible salt game.

Yes, their chips are amazing.
Consistently great crunch, and perfect seasoning.

I implore you to try a Bacon Deluxe Burger.


Accurate. There is no stopping 2MP

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Chips: HJ > RR > KFC when actually cooked > McD > raw potato > KFC not cooked properly which seems to be most of the time

Nuggets: KFC > HJ > McD > RR

Chip rankings all sorts of wrong!!!

It’s almost like people don’t all have the same tastes


The AFL must look at this thread and be very proud of the work they’ve done. They’re such an inspiration.



this man fast foods.