Round 12 Non Essington Games



Tippett’s luck has run out but pay continues at agreed pace.

rip florent career over.

Yep. Will be Xavier Richards’ by season’s end.

Karma got Tippett and Swans

This is almost an interesting game.

No sure what you’re getting at. A negative karmic intervention suggests they did something wrong to deserve their misfortune.K Tippett is doing exactly what K Tippett does and Sydney took a punt and it didn’t pay off as planned. Sometimes, sh*t doesn’t work out.

Did a dodgy in the salary cap, wanted to “go home” then changed at the last minute when more money was offered.

Swans used the cost of living allowance to poach a player, Tippett used the “go home” factor to get more money out of crows.

And Sydney got him for nothing because of Adelaide’s ■■■■ up.

Hell of a crowd at this game. Must be almost hundred people.


Umps giving Sydney their usual 1st qtr leg up.

Dammit. Went in to change my tip to Sydney by 8, … got distracted, and didn’t end up submitting.

Hope the Bulldogs win by “0” points now. (Yes, . I forgot to select a margin …derp)

go the Storm

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Heeney is a gun

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I reckon I’ve heard commentators say how good Suckling’s kicking is at least twice as much as I’ve seen Suckling do a good kick.


Heeney is wasted at half forward… chuck him in the guts and let him go nuts…

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Wonder what happens if it’s a draw…??


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Can’t wait til the fuckwitfl decide they need a match every night of the week, not.

Reckon the dogs throw more passes than the Storm.