Round 12 Non Essington Games

If FRANKLIN weren’t playing this would be unwatchable.

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Sam Fkn Reid!

The dogs are in desperate need for libba to pull his head out.

Also why couldn’t we have played swans when they were steaming garbage?

I probably wouldn’t want to pay what he’ll attract from the pies or north or someone, but Reid as a FA to let Hooker go back would be nice.

I don’t want reid because rolo will probably rename bomberblitz, reidblitz


Too bad that we were one pick away from Hayward.

I’m done tipping, fkn done.

One week they’re losing at home to a steaming pile of sh it then the next week they’re belting the reigning premiers.

How the fk do you tip that.


start popping amphetamines before you do.


Bont kicks a point, Ch 7 goes to an ad. Unreal.

What a crap game. Umpires destroyed the Dogs early, just like we copped it last week against GWS. I fear we’ll cop it in a couple of weeks as well.

And saturday.

They gained knowledge of Toppett’s dodgy deals, presumably through management of same, and used that as leverage against Adelaide in trade negotiations, and then tipped Adelaide into the ■■■■■■■ anyway just for good measure.

“Snitches get stitches”

Yeah but what did they do wrong?

Screw Footscray. They’ve been enjoying the rub of the green for 18 months. You want to see sh*t umpiring? Revisit the 2016 GF for a prime example of a side getting destroyed.

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That’s a bit rich coming from a Swans supporter (of sorts). Were on the losing end of a FK count in one game and didn’t know what to do with themselves.

You mustn’t have seen the game against the Bulldogs earlier this year. Or the one towards the latter part of last season. The Bulldogs owe the umpiring dept a Xmas card.

Another magnificent spectacle for the AFL at the SCG. What a game!!

Someone on BB in another thread said that if we had Beveridge the team would look so much better than under Woosha.

Yeah right.