Round 13 2020 Non Essendon Games

I watching this a live feed from my cousin on his Tassie adventures

Should have gone to Darwin weeks ago

Very dewey so a lot of trouble handling and marking the ball.

Sidebottom is returning to Melbourne for family reasons.

Genuine family reasons or something else?

Not sure

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Pregnant mrs is due

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Bloos really dominated but only 1.4. Suns didn’t score or even look likely to score.

Bore-fest of a game so far.

Hmm, that will mean he will miss the rest of the H&A season due to 14 day lockdown.

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Great to see Gavin Wanganeen as a boundary comm for C7 tonight! Pity he has Abbie Holmes as support.

Bloos are dominating this game. McKay finally goals:
2.5 17
0.0 00

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Surprisingly, GC seemed to not have adapted as well to the hot and humid weather as well as FarkCarlton.

Suns finally score through Rankine

It’s amusing that they are only 11 points down considering how much the Bloos have dominated

Oh look a goal

So Wanganeen has just confirmed that he is related to Rankine (as well as the Davey family).

Ta. I was a bit confused what had happened there then …

Ha ha ha, … ohhh Eddie, you’re a fkn gem…

lol Swallow you goose

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How good was Ballard to stop Eddie with his bag of tricks? Pity Swallow blew it (Eddie missed the goal though).

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Was a great little passage up until that point

Lemmens goals
2.7 19
2.0 12

Betts goals after Fisher did a Buddy on Lukosius
3.7 25
2.0 12