Round 14 2023 Non Essendon Games

Too slow @Wanderlust.

Still tempted to go to FC vs Gold Coast just in case Gold Coast win.

FC fans will be rancid.


@Wanderlust wont like this one bit Darce!

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Do it! GC will win this game. They don’t get to play at the ‘G much and have had a week off. They’ll be up and about for this. Carlton are obviously at a pretty low ebb, finals’ are gone now, and they are bereft of bobbleheads. Wear your Essendon gear to rub it in even more.

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Theres not much left for the Blues to fight for.
coming off a year with the Brownlow and Coleman medallist and narrowly losing in the final round to Collingwood. Fans would ahve had their high expectations dampened.

Charlie Curnow is still leading the coleman, so I guess they could feed him for a bag this week.

Kyle Langford with 25 goals is a decent return. Think Peter is a chance to catch him for EFC leading goal kicker though.


I was being a gentlewoman and waiting for you to start the thread!

That being said, lets go GC!!!

Kenny has again said there is no room for their skipper and will play him in the twos again. With how well the defence is performing there is plenty of speculation that Jonas may struggle to get back in anytime soon

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If Cripps is playing injured (which he is, you’re fooling no one Vossy), Rowell is going to make him look very foolish on Sunday.

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And they are chasing McKay / Zerk etc for next season

He’s done it seems. Unless injury opens up spot for him over back end of year

The David Myers Manoeuvre

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You can’t fire me.

I quit!


Are Geelong in danger if missing the 8 if they don’t get going soon?

Essendon can’t lose this round.

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Of course they can miss.

There are no special privileges just because they are Premiers.

Perhaps they keep getting injuries and never get rolling.

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Maybe Geelong have finally gone over that cliff they’ve been teetering on for the last 7 seasons.

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Is Touk Miller back yet? If so Bloss midfield is going to look pedestrian


Nah…still TBC

They don’t need him anyway.
Young mids are scorching hot at the minute.

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they also have ballard, suns by 50 i reckon

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If the margin is anything like that their fans might start a riot.

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I wonder if GC fans will get the left over bobbleheads?