Round 15 v Brisbane build-up - We must destroy them

Need 80-point victory to get us back on track. Cannot afford to take foot off pedal. Percentage will be more important than ever at end of this season.

Parish and Hooker back into the team. Joe is surely due to kick a bag.BJ to bounce back.

Need to watch out for Zorko. Hartley will be all over Hipwood this time. Belly v Stef Martin will be great duel.

I think it’s time to get more midfield minutes into Walla, McGrath, Langford (just not all three in centre bounce at once, please).

Why play this on a Sunday, when Etihad is free on Friday night?



Agree we must destroy them. (Not sure we will though.)

Game not on Friday night because there is already a game on Friday night (Melb v Syd @ MCG). When have they ever had two Friday night games? Oh, that’s right… never.

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This can only end well.


Coming down for my first game since round 1 and bringing my son to his first ever game. Hoping for a big crowd and plenty of noise to help get the Bombers home.


Blitz, where hope never learns from experience.


I watched the Lions vs GWS game on Fox Footy this morning and they really aren’t that bad. Especially considering they were a player/rotation down from very early on.

I hope that the loss will spur the boys on and they’re not going to come out complacent expecting a win.

They did test us in round 2, that being said, I believe we are a much stronger team now.

I’m still recovering from last week sorry, can’t talk about this yet.


How many times does it have to be said. This year any team can beat any other on a given day. Its just that on average Brisbane is less likely to win. So theres no room for complacency.

Our players need to be made to believe there is real chance Brisbane can beat us unless we try our hardest.


Obviously the win is the most important thing first and foremost, but I will be livid if we start the game lacking intensity and just going through the motions and allowing them to dictate play. We can let them get a foothold in the match, and the best part of our most recent 2 wins (WCE and Port) is that we were on from the start and didn’t allow the opposition to settle. If we are going to go anywhere this season and make finals, we not only have to win, but also stamp our authority on the game and kill it off as a contest early. Percentage is also a factor, there will most likely be a ruck of teams in 11-12 wins by the end of the season and % could be a deciding factor.


Remember when we were favourites against them last year?


You are a monster.


Beams out is a pretty big win for us.

This will be no walk over though unless the lions simply don’t come to play.

Looking forward to seeing Hartley get another crack at Hipwood.

You’d think they might put a little more time into Fanta this time round. Hopefully that means green gets off the chain a bit, he’s sure due for a day out.

I think we’ve improved our ruck/midfield connection a fair bit since we last meant. That combined with beams’s absence hopefully means this time round we’ll get on top and stay on top.

Will be interesting to see whether we send anyone to zorko and rocky. Wouldn’t mind bj playing a team role on rocky this week after his monumental fark up last week. Perhaps colyer could go with zorko outside of the centre square. We could push Walla and Fanta up as the spitter a bit more often to compensate or use McGrath through the midfield a bit more.

That said I’m looking forward to the prospect of a clug/grath matchup.

Hepp and jobe should be keen to put in a big one.

Have my doubts that Conor and hooker will come up. Arguably Conor’s absence would be more keenly felt.

It’s important to respond to last week really really strongly. I’d like to see a focus on device set ups on stopagges in their 50

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If they can play three games on a Sunday, why not two on a Friday? It not as though it’s on free-to-air…

Any team is capable of playing really good footy. Talk about a % booster is garbage, Brisbane shouldn’t be underestimated. They touched up freo by 75, who almost beat Geelong at skilled a week ago

The competition is that even these days, il just be happy with a good showing and a win


Who’s arms are shorter. D Rich or J Green?

Listen to WOB. He is wise when sober.


D Rich. Easily.

Not sure about that. Reckon it would be pretty close.

Rich is in T-Rex territory. Green looks far more in proportion.

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