Round 15 v Brisbane build-up - We must destroy them

Chris’ laptop is a nuclear weapon.

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Brisbane are much better than their 2-win season so far suggests. Their midfield is deep and very good, just need to hope that their forwards don’t get off the chain like in round 2.

In round two the overhauled a 7 goal lead within a quarter and a bit, they can score quickly and they don’t lose momentum easily

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Don’t know what’s more ridiculous, zorko > than Sloane or Sloane is only just within the top 40

I’m assuming that’s disposals? I mean Sloane is a 10x better player and is rated worse than Zorko, but still, Zorko wouldn’t even be in the top 20 mids in the game

Because stats as the basis of the argument are meaningless and the quicker everyone gives up this seppo fantasy with stats the better the analysis of the game.


Player rankings are shyte and means sfa.
According to the AFL’s own rankings, Sloane is ranked 4, Zorko 9, and Zerrett is 27.


Is that the same AFL PLAYER RATINGS that suggested Jetta was elite?

Jarryd Lyons


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Are they the same rankings that rate Hurley as the 35th best Key Defender in the game?

In fairness those rankings are a rolling average, so with him missing a year and still being 35th isn’t too bad.

I’d never heard of him until now.

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Zorko is their best player and if we think no worries, Beams is out, and we pay Zorko no respect on the field, he will slice us up.


To be fair, he was elite at fumbling.

OK, WOB, I accept that the stats and player ratings are not perfect. However, I am not prepared to watch every other teams games every week.

If you have watched lot of Brisbane games this year, I will defer to your assessment of Zorko. Otherwise I will look at the stats and ratings see what I can get out of them.

Anyway, Rich could be the one that gets us, like he did in 2016 when our players let him do whatever he wanted.: 27 disposals 18 uncontested, 9 rebound 50s, 7 inside 50s 1 goal off half back That was a learning year. In round 2 2017, we had learned our lesson and we paid him more respect.

Zorko is a good player and a great dreamteam scorer, but I’d pick at least 40 midfielders ahead of him easily. He’s not even remotely close to top 10.

For us, … 35K is a small crowd … :sunglasses:

These Sunday games where they let kids in free are BS numbers wise. Chair kicking little toerags.