Round 18 2024 Non Essendon Games

Klan vs Hillbillies
Chickens vs Gorth
Hawthorn vs Freo
Footscray vs FC
Adelaide vs St Kilda
GC vs Port
Richmond vs GWS
WC vs Brisbane

Starting this one early in the week, big “moving day” vibes about this upcoming round.

  • The Klan would want to hurry up and get it together
  • Being in tassie makes Hawks/Freo a 50/50 game
  • Footscray are incredibly bipolar and are due for an up
  • GC don’t lose at home
  • Potential dead cat bounce for the eagles if they move Simpson on

So ummmmmm it would be pretty handy if the Klan beat Geelong right?


Perfect weekend would be for us to be the only team to win away.

Its another weekend of watching other results closely i think our best shot at an upset Hawthorn. That venue swings the game towards to hawks. If Freo win that they are genuine.

Freo top 4 for mine. They are playing some really good football.

The move of Young into the midfield has been a masterstroke

We could drop as low as 7th and go as high as 2nd depending on results.
This season truly is wild.


Why would we drop to 7th if we win?

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I mean if we lose we could drop as low as 7th.

I didn’t expect to get anyone with that one, way too obvious.


Thinking about the Swans and Essendon. Who’re the Swans ‘big bodied midfielders’?

We’ve heard for years Essendon can’t be treated seriously until it has a Cripps, Bont etc. a genuine big bodied midfielder.

I think 2024 has in part debunked this theory. The Swans, I don’t think have a genuine big bodied midfielder who’ve helped them to this current position. They have Heeney, Gulden and Warner, all quite athletic, fast player types with great skills. They’re on top of the ladder with daylight to second.

The Swans imo demonstrate this fixation on big bodied midfielders is not a pre requisite for team success. Yes, if you have them they’re an asset no doubt. But the Swans prove there’s not one template to success. The Swans separate themselves with highly skilled, elite runners who carve up opposition with speed and ball use. Not through strength and size so much.

So, for Essendon it’s about finding natural traits and a competitive advantage and building a gameplan to capitalise on this.

Food for thought.


If we finish 5th, I’d love to play Gold Coast or GWS.

A home game against either side would be massive for us.

Or finish 2nd and play home final against Freo.

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Rowbottom is about the same size as Perkins. Taylor Adams isn’t a big body but plays that in and under grunt role.

4th is our worst nightmare.

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Yes, but they don’t have that textbook ‘big bodied mid’ though which is interesting….

Might be the first time, will walk down the road and Barrack for Hawthorn, all that time I drive along your boulevard , with your big heads on Flags, no stickers over your signs this weekend, its going to be high fives

settle we need Hawthorn to beat Fremantle

It’s having record sub zero temps atm in Tasmania this will ■■■■ Freo

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100% Correct.

Freo play against the 2 sides immediately below us (Gee&PA) at Optus Stadium, and it may suit us for them to win both.

Therefore them dropping 1 now would be mighty handy.
Of course, we have to do the job against them at the G in early August !

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Most important game from the round bar ours

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Can see the unpredictable Dogs rolling FC. Would I put money on it? No, but wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised.

Gosh, I’d be stunned.
Be funny, though.