Round 18 2024 Non Essendon Games

Keep believing.

Yeah, I just prefer not to see it as a foregone conclusion.

I stand by what I said



Whew .:neutral_face:

Its win win

If the Klan win they help us
If the Klan lose they’ll have alot of trouble making the 8 from here

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I know it’s helpful for us with w/l of other games, but if I am to have any confidence going into a final, it’s on the back of our results, not because we’ve relied on others.


Not asking for much here footy Gods but just sort out these results for us would you:

Pies dft Cats
North dft Swans
Hawks dft Freo
Dogs dft Carlton
Suns dft Port
Tigers dft Giants
Eagles dft Lions



Of that list:
Klan at their best even with who’s out can win
I rate Hawthorns chances in Tassie
Good Footscray can beat FC
Suns don’t lose at home

Rest of them no chance.


This, if we end up in the top four it’s because we finally ‘believe’ and we’ve knocked over real sides

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Which can still be true. But its handy to get a little help.

Unless you have a 2000 like season every side gets a little help now and then

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Fk off bin chickens :fu:

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They haven’t played for about a month… Due to show up.

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Looks like Gulden and Warner. Heeney has the week off.


Bwahahaha GWS mocking the Heeney video. Outstanding


They’ve been whacked twice by the Swans this season… and their rival is sitting two wins and % clear on top of the ladder whilst the Giants have only just snuck back into the bottom of the top 8.

Yeah a bit of a laugh, definitely… but I reckon time to shut up.


Finishing 3rd and Farking Carlton would be the ultimate.


I think we want cats to win, have pies bow out and miss finals is good for all contenders. Tigers result barely matters, I mean most wouldn’t expect them to win and GWS should make finals anyway.

If Pies win this week, they should get most of their players back by finals time and would be a threat from bottom half of 8.

That’s elite ■■■■ stirring

Black armbands for all AFL players this weekend to let Heeney know they’re all thinking of him.

PS Sydney are going real close to becoming my most despised team - ironic them and FC are 1-2 as it’s daylight between them and everybody else.

Has there ever been a more self entitled team going round.

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