Round 19

Crows v Tigers tonight
Filth v Scum tomorrow arvo. Hope they beat the crap out of each other.
Dogs v Fark Port
Tank v Tank Jnr
Cats v $wans
Dawks v eagles
Tin Rattlers v Tin Rattlers
Saints v Dockers

Hope you are enjoying this Paddy.
Missing link lol

AFL sucks.

Nothing surer than Crows win tonight.

Houli still spudding it up for the Tigers

Fark me. How did Dusty Martin get that out?

Crows actually did pretty well with the way the Tigers have been starting games.

“Dustin Martin never loses a one on one!”

Fark off.

He took that bloke high to set up that Ellis goal.

Rance is the biggest overrated pile of sh*t I have seen in a long time. Oh but wait, he plays for Richmond so he is a footballing god.

I hope Dangerfield stays at the Crows. I think they need him more than ever right now.

Fark Richmond are rubbish tonight. Cant see them winning at this rate

Freaking hell Rance is hopeless. Walker is absolutely killing him.

Rance is useless.

I love that Richmond have signed Rance for four years.

Four years of Spuds McGillacuddy.


Fark, mcavaney’s a tosspot

Was going to change my tips to Crows… just missed cut off… fark how are Richmond still in it…

Edit: Umpires…


Fark, mcavaney a tosspot

Oh freaking Rance makes me laugh, how anyone rates him is beyond me.

How good is Richmonds list now.
Pathetic club

Richmond are always the one to stuff up my tipping. hope SWMNBN is crying in the foetal position in her lounge room :slight_smile:

Whichever one of our recruiters spotted Jenkins did a really good job.

Also, eat it Richmond.

Is it wrong to sing along with the Adelaide song. It is quite catchy. (I feel ashamed :frowning: )

Nothing surer than a Crows win tonight.

Richmond are hands down the absolute BEST side at getting ahead of themselves bar none.