Round 2 2021 Non Essington Games

There’s a game on Thursday again

■■■■ Carlton vs KKKollingwood

Nuclear apocalypse the only suitable outcome.


Saints vs Dees looks like a decent match-up.

Cats v Lions, both coming off surprise Round 1 losses, loser ends up 0-2.

Dogs v Eagles should be a good game.

The rest are a bit meh…


Genuinely want both teams to lose, the fall out could be significant. But I think the Pies will win.

Disagree, reckon FC will win and win well.

KKKollingwood are cooked.


There’s only one game this round. The one with L FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFRANKLIN!

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Why are you on an Essendon forum so often? It’s a bit weird.

Aren’t the chances of making finals generally quite low for those that go 0-2? Interesting for Geelong vs Brisbane.


Unfortunately, I’ll be hoping Collingwood win. I think Carlton will though.

Carlton going 0-2 would be lovely.


Geelong will chew Joe up and spit him out.

Especially if the weather is inclement.

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Only a bit weird?


Bilclavs, so much more athletic

Geelong could put M Scarlett up H Taylor’s backside and would still be no match for J Daniher. He was ok on Saturday given limited opportunities and will be very hard to handle if Brisbane’s mids get their act together this weekend.

only if we win

Hard game to pick Scum v’s the Racist’s, I am feeling the scum get up

Fark FC will have killed them dead by 1/4 time.

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Mckay will have 3 in the first quarter

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Needs more Tall

I don’t think there is much chance of us winning.

But we didn’t have the hype going into this season. FarkCarlton did.

Round 2 for a why is @Diggers here post?

That’s gotta be a record

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Ha. Usually I’m given at least until round 10.