Round 2 2021 Non Essington Games


KKKollingwoods backline is a steaming pile of ■■■■. Even Levi will go to town.

please @wimmera1 was doing it during round 1. catch up sheeple.

He was expecting us to bag out Joe Daniher

FC are as ■■■■■■ and hopeless as we are. Collingwood on the other hand are like cockroachs, no scandal can kill these ■■■■■■■. Also most likely to ■■■■ a premiership. So my money, reluctantly and under enormous duress is on FC to win.

I know. And it wasn’t even me. In fairness, upon reading the review thread later, he did seem a little high so I didn’t think it worth trying to convince him otherwise.

Tonight Buckley finally acknowledged what many of us have here on BBlitz have known for quite a while, the Pies lack forward fire power. They lack a genuine CHF. Mihocek battles hard, but is really a third tall. Cox does his best work within 30 m of goal, Elliott is a classy small, while De Goey is being asked to do double duty, forward and midfield. If only Moore had a twin, their problems might be solved.

Rowell has done his PCL. Avoided surgery as they usually to rehab these. Probably misses a couple of months though.

E Gulden wins the rnd 1 Rising Star nomination.

Oh boy…

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What are they saying about this on the Swans forum, you know, the one for Swans supporters?

Well naturally they’re quite proud of the young man.

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Dangerfield arguing high impact, not severe to minimise his suspension. His lawyer told the jury they should not take Kelly’s broken nose into account because broken noses are so common

Farken lol :rofl:


Is Kelly’s “significant concussion” common as well?

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And just given 3 weeks


Eat a ■■■■ you sniping cheap shop merchant ■■■■

Oh boy…

3 weeks, probably about right

Should have been 4 weeks IMO. Dangerfield’s lawyer cited Long v Darcy as another case that was graded severe (and careless, high contact; same as Dangerfield’s.) Darcy was available for selection the following week, whereas apparently Kelly won’t be (regardless of the new concussion protocols,) and Kelly got a broken nose too.

A gem from the tribunal hearing:

Dangerfield’s lawyer has asked Siri to define severe. The definition he shares with the jury is: “very great or intense”.
Does this apply, he asks, to the impact Dangerfield made to Kelly “at head level, not body level”.”

Given the impact at head level resulted in Kelly having a broken nose, a concussion (was still concussed 60 hours later,) will miss 3 training sessions and at least one match, I’d say yes.

Arguably the penalty is a bit light on, considering the effect of the impact, l reckon 4 weeks is fairer. If Kelly is out for 4 weeks, then Dangerman shouldn’t be able to return before him.


It would have been 4 for anyone bar Dangerfield (or Dusty)


Bin Chickens or Crows will be 2-0 didn’t see that coming