Round 2 2021 Non Essington Games

I believe it’s not winning the flag from 0-2.

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Oh you saw it coming. Just chose to ignore it.

Yah, Geelong won’t win the flag.The lions best shot was last season.

My money would be Port.

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Williams and Martin in for FC

Seagulling ■■■■ in for KKKollingwood (legit thought he played last week)

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AFL article says it’s finals most sides don’t make it. 5/58 made it in the past 10 years.

With only 1 winning a flag in the past 45 years…north.

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“Look, death is quite common, so if we just leave out the fact that the murder victim died…”


The lolz if FC rinse KKKollingwood.

Levi going beast mode


I’m actually looking forward to this game now. One of these POS clubs will be 0-2 and the heat will be on their respective coaches. FC’s best chance in a while to roll the Pies. They have to take them down tonight or their credibility takes a massive hit.

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One of Collingwood/Carlton and Geelong/Brisbane will be 0-2. Delightful.


If we didn’t choke we’d have bragging rights.

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Who do we go for tonight? Is it socially acceptable for us to boo Collingwood?

Hate FC more but KKKollingwood getting dicked would be way funnier

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Fark Carlton and Fark Saad.

Going to the Cats v Brisvegas game tomorrow night. Will be watching Daniher to see if he’s moving as good as they say.



People going for Fark Carlton



I didn’t say i was going for them :rofl:

Just get more lolz if the Klan lose

Who is everyone tipping in the big match between Collingwood and the mighty CFC Football Club??

I am. That way I’ll have a quiet weekend from MrHeff when we get ■■■■■■■ smashed.

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I was thinking FarkCarlton all week would win, but changed my mind this afternoon KKK by 17 points, reckon Grundy and DeGoey will make amends from last week and adding the seagull in, straightens them up