Round 2 - Post match

Heartbreaking. Plenty to take into the next round. Lots of lessons to learn.

But we really do have heart. Gleeson, future champion.

Cale Hooker is elite.

Wow. Shattered. Great second half though. Fantastic signs.

well that sucked.

Hard loss but that 3rd was great footy.

Pack it up, let it burn and lets not lose another one this year.

So close!

Hooker one of the best in the league, gleeson will be a star in the not too distant future

Ambrose really stood up when it was his turn

Make no mistake. We are challengers this year.

Ambrose and Gleeson wow


Merrett a rest in comes Winderlich

winders could have been handy

Farken Whoreforn, poo and wee and they reckon their ■■■■■ don’t stink. Carnts!!!

Encouraging. Why we changed the way we played in the last 4 minutes has got me stumped though.

Superb effort. Feel like some one has reached up pulled my heart out through my ■■■■ :(

Still I believe Hawks are a 4 goal better side with their best 22, however will might just bridge the gap end of the year.

Very proud, yet bitterly disappointed.

Farken Whoreforn, poo and wee and they reckon their ■■■■■ don't stink. Carnts!!!!!!!

They know now.

I should be shattered.

Can't force myself to be.

I mean, sure, I'm disappointed we didn't get over the line, but...

There's a lot of improvement in the side that kept the flag favourites goalless for forty minutes.

Didn't get numbers behind the ball to stop that goal......Thompson will go over how to keep a lead with 90 seconds to go in a game.

We are better than 2013. We have found a few players with Winderlich, Dempsey, Melksham and Bellchambers to come back. Long season, good start.

Heartbreaking. Just ■■■■■■ heartbreaking. Spent a lot of petrol tickets to get back into the game with such an inefficient forward line but a great performance in the third quarter, just didn’t back ourselves in the last and a few composure issues.