Round 2 vs St Kilda - the morbid speculation thread

There is something in that.
If you dont train hard, how can you expect to play hard.

I thought we started ok, just didnt hit the scoreboard, but once 4 goals down we lost confidence and gave up.


You play the way you train, it has always and will always be the case.


We have 70,000 members, we have done our part. Time for the players to do theirs

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Why would the players care about membership numbers? Their payment from the club is limited to a value irrespective of that figure.

The marketing department cares about memberships.

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Will be interesting post match to see the reaction once they roll us. ATM we wouldn’t beat GC at marvel and teams like Carlton and st kilda will smash us

That’s why you build midfield depth… train hard, play hard… succumb to fatigue-related injury, that’s ok… take a spell, refresh - we can cover.

GWS rested Kelly, we play Merrett at 50%. Played Daniher at 50% last year too - that panned out well.

I want to believe I’m oversimplifying this and the coaches have a grand plan here…

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The club asks us to sign up, we do. We constantly do our part, they don’t do theirs.

Their comes a point where if they keep letting people down, supporters will just walk away


Out: Guelfi, Myers, McKernan
In: Parish, Laverde, Jok.

Exactly. Doesn’t seem to worry other clubs but we obviously know something they don’t.

Once a team gets a run on, the team doing all the chasing is always made to look slow or fatigued or both. That doesn’t reflect accurately on fitness levels. Freo did the same thing yesterday to the Roos, and Lions to the WEagles.

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Out -In

Hurley (overrated) - B.Zerk

Zaharakis (no heart) - Clarke

Baguley - Laverde

Merritt(inj whatever) - Parish

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We can’t be running Langford, zaka, and Myers all together at the same time at centre bounces. Too soft and too slow, the amount of clean clearances the giants got yesterday was sickening


I was four rows from the front yesterday and saw Heppell jogging along the wing as the ball left his direct area (after dropping a mark mind you) and he did not increase his speed once as he moved down the wing towards their goal as they moved the ball forward. That’s either fitness or effort (or both) and if it’s not fitness then heaven help us all Captain Jack.


I don’t care what we do. If we win it’s just papering over the cracks, if we lose nothing will change.
The way we played the last three games indicates we are exceedingly unlikely to play finals, and in the unlikely event that we did, we would lose.
What’s the point?
Until the club culture and attitude changes drastically it’s pointless.


1 change.

Parish in for Guelfi.

Back the cattle to respond to a wakeup call.

Id take a hard look at Clarke in the ruck. TBC doesnt look fit.

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Hurley overrated?

The midfield was deplorable, short of him being a miracle worker, he was always going to get beaten through the force of sheer numbers. His disposal was iffy, but he was hardly a lone soldier on that front.


I’m comfortable with this. Give the boys one more shot and then swing the cleaver if there’s no response. Can’t hide next week. Round 2, under the roof, 15 degrees and playing a ■■■■ team. You’d expect a clinical win by a large margin. Last 2 times we’ve played the Saints we’ve beaten them by 10 and 7 goals. I wish we were playing a better team so we could gauge if they actually make progress.


I’m confident we will win in the least satisfying way imaginable


There’s no point bringing in Parish to play on a flank.

If they want to make a statement they should drop Zaharakis, which they won’t, and stick Parish in the guts.

Laverde needs to come in to sure up our forward structures, which will help out McKernan and Stringer, if he plays.


Jake Carlisle was right.