Round 20 - Hawthorn vs Essendon @ MCG (1:45pm 4/8) - Looking ahead


  • Won 8 of our last 10 (Average winning margin of 32 points)
  • Conceded only 78, 51, 70 & 66 points in our last 4 games
  • Midfield has had a dramatic turnaround since Round 8 and is now in the top 4 in most key statistical categories
  • Extra 2 day break over our opponents (who are returning from Perth)
  • Generally injury free from the Sydney game (still waiting on Langford diagnosis & Dea concussion)


  • Hawthorn defeated Essendon by 23 points in Round 7 (due mostly to a 6.3 to 0.1 3rd Quarter)
  • A 1-5 record at the MCG this season (only win against Geelong in Round 9)
  • Besides James Sicily & Ben McEvoy, Hawthorn are generally injury free.
  • Hawthorn have a 5-2 record at the MCG this season (losses to Richmond & Sydney)

Suggested Changes? Strategy? Thoughts?


They’re going to get cucked.

No changes.


The only thing stopping us from beating them is in the head, even earlier in the year we threw it away.


If Langers can’t play (sounds to me like he’s got shoulder issues), I’d like to see Lav replace him as the big-bodied inside mid. Probably would have preferred to see him do it more often in the magoos, but i think that’s his gig. Mid and resting forward. I see him as a lot like Myers…career destroyed by injury at inopportune times.

McNiece if Dea misses.




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I think on the MCG we need another tall target up forward plus belly will need a chop out in the ruck. Therefore even though he hasn’t been in smashing form in the Magoo’s James Stewart has to come in for Matty dear who surely will be managed with that concussion. I am not a big fan of stringer playing the 2nd ruck roll
If Langer’s is out then that’s a toss up.between laverde ,Clarke, mcneice.

McKenna hooker Francis
Saad hurley guelfi
Zaka Heppell Smith
Tippa brown stringer
Orazio Stewart bags
Tell Myers Zach
Parish Goddard McGrath . Langer’s( lav,mcneice ,Clarke)


Play like we did against Sydney and we’ll wipe the floor with them. Percentage!!!
Stand together, play as one and take no rubbish. We can do this and leave them in our wake.


The beauty of next week is that a large portion of their supporter base will think they win based on the game earlier in the year.

They have no idea what is coming their way.
If we break them a little earlier than we did Sydney, I firmly believe a 10 goal belting is possible.

I’m gonna let as many Hawk flog supporters know about it also.
Gracious in victory is NOT an option for me next week.
I hate these c*nts !


Sicily not playing is massive for us. He torched us earlier.

I actually think we will flog them.


In: mcneice/Ridley, Lav.
Out: Langford, dea

Big test to see if we can keep the territory dominance on the larger ground.

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When was the last time we won 4 in a row? 2013 first seven rounds?

In addition to the above…

  • No Rioli also.
  • Howe would’ve potentially tagged Zerrett - he’s out too.
  • Hurls confident is sky high and needs to kill Roughead like he did Franklin.
  • Hawks coming back from Perth with 1.5 days less rest.

I have three worries:
#1. Over-confidence from our guys and they don’t bring their pressure game…leading to #2
#2. They smash us on kicking efficiency - a very good precision kicking side (better than us)…leading to #3
#3. Their lanky arsey goalkickers (Smith, Puopolo, Bruest, Shiels) just bob up in the slightly larger spaces on the G in their forward 50 and kick 10-12 between them (all good kicks for goal). Add their usual 5 or 6 from other regular contributors and we could be in trouble.

BUT I reckon #1 won’t happen so it’s a 5-6 goal win coming up.


Smith free to play, and Langford has been medically cleared to play as well.


Also no McEvoy for them.

That’s a shame - would have liked one our players to thrust their hand in his face for a high five.


Puopolo is many things… but not this.


I HATE these â– â– â– â– â– .