Round 20 Non-Essington Games


Wrong thread.

Feels like Geelong play ever damn Friday.

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Favour plz Geelong

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I don’t recall barracking for Geelong this enthusiastically since '89.


2011 GF and least years QF for mine. ■■■■ collingwood and hawthorn

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What’s wrong with you people?

Oh look, another geelong prime time game.

Yeah. Screw Geelong and anyone who supports them. Even temporarily.

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/crossing down to lingy at half time in moggs creek for an interview with dangerfield.


Even after they sodomised Essendon in the Prelim? You’re a disgrace.

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Patton out. As well as Cameron, looks like the Dees are gonna win ffs.

They should have beaten Norths last week but didn’t. Melbourne are more unreliable than Essington.


Says the Sydney supporter!

Come on Geelong, do us a favour!!

I hoping with Kennedy out for Sydney that it offsets Dangerfield being suspended. Additionally, I’ll be cheering for GWS and St Kilda - come on, make yourselves useful!!

The relationship between Sydney and Essendon has been cordial for the most part with the exception of a slight hiccup at the end of the '96 Preliminary Final. Liking the two sides simultaneously isn’t mutually exclusive. Supporting Geelong on the other hand…

Go Cats

Icey, please…

Go Cats

Who are the umps gonna play for tonight, what a dilemma they have…