Round 23 Discussion. Farewell BJ

What’s the next best thing to playing finals? Destroying another teams finals.

Do it Dons.


EAD kochie!

Na, play the kids. Don’t care for the win at all.


No no no. One solitary game into a few kids versus making Kochie have a stroke? No contest for mine…


Rather we Canon him into the sun.

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who cares.

team cannoned the season with the carlton loss.

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Our season is over. But I would still be happy to see koch cry. Not ‘make the finals’ happy, but still, happy.


Play as many kids as possible

Anyone that needs surgery just send them in now

Really can’t be bothered. Where does it get us? Yep, play the kids. See what they do. Give Zerk a game!!!

All of Draper, Clarke, Mutch, Zerk, Houlahan etc should come in. No point risking and injury to Zerrett, Belly, Hepp, Stringer etc.

It would be nice to finish our season with a win.


Need to make sure we finish 12th now to get a better pick for trade leverage.

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The next best thing to winning for me, is Port losing, and Judas copping his whack.

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Even better if we took and young side over and still won.


Our players are almost in holiday mode, aren’t they? I would love to see them belt Port.

Who had been carrying an injury will be the interesting part. There are plenty of tired bodies getting around atm.

Bring in Laverde too and make him run out a game in the guts. Show him how far he needs to build his fitness for next year.


Not sure Port have another effort in them to beat Essendon next week. They’ve fallen in a heap. Would be good to get another interstate win to finish the season

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7 out of the last 9 against this lot

Pls continue to own them


If Adelaide win tomorrow do we really want to beat Port?

Does it matter?

Reading your posts I get the impression we won’t be taking the top end picks to the draft anyway.