Round 4 2017 Non Essendon Games

West Coast vs Sydney
North vs Dogs
Melbourne vs Freo
Gws vs Port
Carlton vs Gold Coast
Collingwood vs St Kilda
Brisbane vs Richmond
Hawthorn vs Geelong

Is the game tonight not on fta? How ridiculous


Hard round to tip after last weeks blow ups …

Yeah my fault. I jinxed it last week saying it was straight forward round for tipping. I won’t do it again, particularly when we’re favorites

Footy’s been Murdoched more & more over the years, he managed to get extra games off FTA in the last rights deal.

Bulldogs outs: Shane Biggs (Omitted), Caleb Daniel (Omitted)
ins: Josh Dunkley, Clay Smith
I reckon North are a chance after the perth trip for dogs

I thought Nth were a chance in Tassie last week, seeing they would know it far better, and GWS were travelling so far, & to a far different climate, and be chuffed with 2 wins , while Nth would be desperate to get some points.

Super fail, … will not get sucked in to backing them again …

Edit: … So watch them win this one now.

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O’Meara out with knee soreness. Hawks claiming it was only a knock to the knee from last weeks game but maybe there is more to it

Probably nothing but if the O’Meara gamble fails it would be massive.

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Is Lobbe injured?

I dislike Adam Simpson, not sure what it is. Looks arrogant.

Yes at training this week. Quad or hammy IIRC

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Bad timing lol

Do you think they got the dogs and north got to do good Friday because they know the most about tin rattling?


They wanted Good Friday foory but also didn’t want anyone to notice.


Just turned the footy on. Booooooooo. Free kick West Coast.

casual dogs fans will turn out in force after the final.

reckon they’ll be 40k out of 45k

If you’re anything like me, probs just hate him because it’s easy to hate anything associated with west coke.

The joy of Sydney’s ■■■■ start to the season has been lost in the joy of Hawthorn falling over.


Gaff is so classy. He’s the player we wish Zaha was

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