Round 4 2022 Non Essendon Games

Oh yeah there’s a game tonight.

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Rowey on 5AA tipped Port.
Fk me that guy is so bias.

Hope the Dees smash them to smithereens !

Melbourne were woeful against us. I think Port are a decent chance.

You watch much of Port?

They are complete balls

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Port were beaten by the Crows.

Port are a real chance tonight.

Hey Scotty, how about you retitle this thread the Non Essendon Games but some don’t realise this and will bring up Essington at every bloody opportunity thread.


Based on?

Backs against the wall
Playing at home

I think Port will respond wouldn’t surprise me if they win

Ralph saying Alir Alir is close to returning from a sydesmosis injury.

That would make it a 5-6 week injury right?

apparently its shorter if you have surgery

Talking up Carlton on Fox Footy

Think I’m going to🤮

A hunch

Talking them up more or less than you were during their first quarter last week Nino?

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More than me

I’m interested in what he said about Merett said that Port thought they had him.

Merret must have been pretty close to signing with them

Or Ralph is just making stuff up as usual.

Weak ■■■■ effort from Burton

I can’t believe they still do that never tear us apart crap

Easily the lamest thing in footy


Fritsch with the opening goal 2 mins in.

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