Round 4 2022 Non Essendon Games

Fritzl has a seriously punchable melon.

Where’s the ‘Support Dees because Kochy is an unbearable turd’ option?


Needs more “support Melbourne cos Koch is a ■■■■■■■ pelican”

I know it’s the rules but that was a bit harsh that 50 against Melbourne

Not watching the game. But how can Fritch have 1 mark, 1 kick, 1 goal but have that one kick be a contested possession?

Or does a contested mark then consider the disposal as a contested possession.

Hasn’t had a good start Burton

I believe that is the case

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I thought contested marks are also included as a contested possession.
Even though contested marks are counted separately.

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Excellent tackle on Lycett. Melboune player came in over the top of the arm so he couldn’t get the arms up and get the handball away. Not easy to do against a ruck.

Pickett falls awkwardly in the marking contest, bounces straight up again, then gives about 7 efforts at ground level and Melbourne eventually win the ball.

Gee Melbourne player all by himself in the goal square

What a ■■■■ game. How on earth was that a mark?


Viney gets first touch for a mark, PA player gets paid.

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lol that umpire was blind then, just assumed


That was legitimately one of the worst umpiring decisions you will ever see…

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Port stole the Essendon playbook of kicking to the oppos spare when going forward

First touch? He nearly marked it himself that’s how much he had of it. That was truely bizzare.

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Port are gonna try and win this game 8 goals to 7.