Round 5 Essendon v Geelong @ Windy Hill, 12pm Saturday May 13 2017

Its desperation stations now. one big win, 3 disappointing losses.

It seems like the VFL team needs to “gel” and get the “chemistry” happening as well.

A team full of AFL wannabes, with some of the handful of VFL players playing in better form than our much vaunted AFL players is perhaps a little embarrassing tbh.

Come and sample the chips at Windy Hill, and if its really cold watch the game from the plush bar, cosy in the heights of the Hird stand and enjoy a frothy. Then off to the G for another crucial match for the Bombers.

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Is anybody allowed up in the Hird Stand and the Social Club bar?

Probably not. I have no idea, but I am an EFC member, maybe that counts for something ?

I spoke to the Windy Hill venue. They said : The bar on the first floor is restricted, but the 2nd floor bar and the Hird stand can be used by EFC members.


Coming down for the VFL/AFL double and have to get to Windy Hill from the city - directions please!

Train to Essendon Station. Walk towards Mt Alexander Road. Then there is a roundabout and one of the streets is Napier St. Walk up the hill towards Windy Hill.

By train catch the Cragieburn Train get off at Essendon Station and…too slow…what PP said :slight_smile:

Whacko - thanks cobbers hooroo and see youse all on Saturday.

So there’s this thing called Google maps …it’s very good :wink:

Alternatively get on the 59 tram in Elizabeth Street, and get off at tram stop #41 in the middle of the big roundabout where Napier Street starts.

Not as good as some here in the Blitz family - are you the black ■■■■■■■ sheep?

Devils advocate.

And a self reliant one.

Thanks to those that helped - looking forward to seeing the Bombers!

B: McNeice, Ferry, Morgan
HB: Gleeson, Francis, Hocking
C: Hind, Stanton, O’Brien
HF: Langford, Boyse, Merrett
F: Begley, McKernan, Holmes

Foll: Bellchambers, Howlett, Bird

Bench: Clarke, Darby, Draper, Long, Luxford

(no emergencies named)


Turns out the VFL site’s new way of displaying teams is broken (I know, surprise!)

Add PETERS, Uysal, Redman and Marklew to that bench.

Four players will be eliminated on game day.

Well yes, but that it is a system wide SportsTG display that works fine for most leagues but can’t handle more than 5 on the bench

FYI, you’re looking in the wrong area, you want the team selections tab under Season 2017.

Marklew is the 23rd player so will play
Ins and Outs for the Essendon side
In: B. McNiece, A. Francis, B. Stanton, K. Langford, N. Holmes, M. Gleeson, N. Hind, B. Howlett
Out: J. Stewart, B. Dobson, B. Laguda, K. Mutch

Cats side:

B: 52. A. Hickey, 20. R. Gardner, 15. M. Hayball
HB: 36. T. Ruggles, 50. D. Capiron, 39. Z. Guthrie
C: 21. J. Murdoch, 16. S. Selwood, 51. J. Tsitas
HF: 64. T. Atkins, 30. T. House, 11. D. Lang
F: 23. A. Black, 12. W. Buzza, 56. B. Reid
R: 45. R. Abbott, 40. J. Thurlow, 31. J. Cunico

Int: 66. J. Edwards, 41. J. Jones, 17. E. Ratugolea, 37. S. Simpson, 58. B. Moloney, 75. C. Mitchell, 72. T. McMullan, 65. S. McLachlan

23P: 74. J. Gow

In: J. Thurlow, D. Lang, J. Jones, C. Mitchell, J. Murdoch, A. Black, Z. Guthrie, T. McMullan
Out: M. O’Connor, J. Henry, M. Thompson, J. Kolodjashnij

Of potential interest to blitzers, former Bomber Alex Browne informed the Northern Blues last week that he’ll be stepping away from football, so I think that makes Leroy Jetta the only player suspended by WADA to be playing for a state league this season. Steinberg had signed with Williamstown before the ban, but is either playing local leagues or is taking a break as well.


When was the last time Stanton played vfl?

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2005 for Bendigo


Should dominate

That’s a ■■■■■■■ strong VFL side