Round 5 Preview - Essendon vs St Kilda (19/4/14 7:40pm @ ES)

Disappointing loss to the Dockers in 34 degree heat at Subiaco... but best to look forward now to our next opponent.

St Kilda lost by 86 points at home to an Adelaide side searching for their first win of the season so they are also coming into this game on the rebound.

I think the key for this game for us is RECOVERY. Playing in Perth in that heat and coming off a short break into our next game isn't ideal so managing players this week will be crucial... especially when you consider another 6 day break afterwards before Anzac Day. Thankfully the Saints will have no extra break advantage over us heading into the game.

Before the game Bomber said Ryder, Chapman, Fletcher will all be back for the Saints game. I guess we also need to consider David Myers who was "ill" before the game... unless it is ultra serious he would be a likely inclusion next week. Question marks over Goddard which hopefully will be answered over the next couple of days.

We've won 5 of our last 6 against the Saints and margins in most of those games have been significant.

So... selections? changes? match-ups? predictions? etc.

Expecting us to bounce back in a big way.

In: Fletcher, Chapman, Myers, Ryder

Dons by 74.

Please can Chapman, Fletcher, Ryder and Myers come back into the team. Would make a huge difference. 

Hooker smash Riewoldt.

Anyone else we need to worry about?

Praying for chappy, fletch, myers, ryder back BJ to recover from whatever happened

Immediate guess
In Chapman Fletcher Ryder Myers
Out Goddard (inj) Colyer for certain, Van Unen, and either Ashby or Jetta

Out: Jetta, Ashby, Colyer, Van Unen, Goddard

In: Ryder, Fletcher, Chapman, Myers, Zerrett

Gleeson the only one who had a dip today.

I would say Heppell but his defencive side to his game is virtually non existent most the time.

Jetta stays.

Heppell did have 9 tackles.

63 hitouts to 14. I know Bomber is on record as saying ruckmen are overrated but we got smashed by Sandi and Clarke. JD and JC didn't do much around the ground either so he can't use that as an excuse. MUST BRING IN A PROPER RUCKMAN! Surely Ryder is available again.


Colyer, Van Unen dropped. I'm reasonably happy with Jetta, he deserves another game, possibly as sub. Could we bring in another debutant? Fantasia in!

Oh and Colyer should never get a game again.

Jetta stays.

What, in Western Australia? that seems harsh.

Swing the axe after that ■■■■


Out: Van Unen (terrible, not afl standard), Ashby (terrible), Colyer (terrible), Jetta (just go and never come back), Goddard (injured)

In: Ryder, Dempsey, Chapman, Fletcher, Myers

Swing the axe after that ****


Out: Van Unen (terrible, not afl standard), Ashby (terrible), Colyer (terrible), Jetta (just go and never come back), Goddard (injured)

In: Ryder, Dempsey, Chapman, Fletcher, Myers

Mate maybe cool down a bit.

 Dempsey is injured and won't play for 3 weeks, and thats very harsh on first and second gamers. Ashby in particular wasn't bad at all.

Bit rough on Jetta; he certainly wasn’t great but at least he was creative and got the ball moving. Probably had a better game than some of the other regulars in Hocking, Zaka or Winderlich IMO.

Early days, but atm I’d go with:

Out: Goddard (inj), Van Unen, Colyer, Ashby

In: Ryder, Fletcher, Chapman, Myers

Whats the deal with bj? What did he do?

Tweedle dees on the commentary were saying adductor. 

Out: Goddard (inj), Van Unen, Colyer, Ashby, jetta.
In: Ryder, Fletcher, Chapman, Myers, orazio
Time for another debut. If Myers doesn't get up jetta stays in.


Yep thats right!!