Round 6 non essendon games

The bad news: Norf and Swans will probably break their ducks.
The upside: Hawks or Blues might be on the bottom of the ladder

Looking forward to GWS V Bulldogs tonight.


I honestly reckons Crows will do Tigers by 10+ goals.


Adelaide lover… GET HIM!

Reality check week for the Tigers train


I’d rather they continue to win for the time being, right up to the mid season break, then lose every game from then until round 3 of the 2019 season.

While I appreciate your idea, I just like seeing Richmond lose. Doesn’t matter the circumstances, really.


To be honest, I don’t really mind when they lose. Just as long as it happens regularly.


Stop stealing my threads!

But seriously tonight should be a good one.

Also. Is it ok for Carlton to win this week for Sydney lolz. Also also. GC will beat North and Brad Scott gets sacked

You’ve been shafted 2x weeks in a row.

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This won’t stand. I’ll start asking for bans to be issued :smiley:

Get in early with where’s the non Essington thread? thread

I over-reached last week but Yoss’ effort appears to be a deliberate attempt to provoke you.

I’m with you with the ‘non-Essington’ reference.

I’ve got three good mates who are long-suffering Tiger fans. But then, at our cricket club there were some of the stereotypes you guys hate, including a father-son duo who were always trying to get the coach sacked. Also included was the brother of @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS’s mate. Threw the membership ticket as they came off the field after a loss, then they won the next week and he had to crawl back looking for it.

Because of the three, I don’t hate them as much as is popular here. Ditto St Kilda and Melbourne.

You can have serious, rational conversations with all of them.

Naturally I don’t have any mates who follow ■■■■ Carlton. You can’t, can you?

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Still lol’ing at the fact that the little wank pheasant was dropped.

EAD ■■■■


Wanting ■■■■ Carlton to win, even in an intra-club, is a mortal sin.

But ■■■■ Carlton intraclubs have given us the pleasure of Setanta doing a prostate test on a Cloke with the toe of his boot.


What irks me about Richmond, besides Riewoldt, is the breathless excitement any time they look like they might be any good. It’s not so much about their supporters as it is about their non supporters. There seems to be a large contingent of the “football world” who seems to think I should be happy that Richmond might be doing well, and in fact that I should be hoping for their success, and I don’t get what makes Richmond so special.

Maybe it’s just personal perception, and nobody else gets this vibe, but it really annoys me.