Round 7 non-essington games thread

Did no one create the thread or have I missed it?

Collingwood throw the ball a bit.

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Worst clash jumper ever. Don’t know if it’s my eyesight but really struggling telling the teams apart


so they pay HTB for that? fk off!

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Collingwood are the ones with the ball … at the moment.

Port are sh*t

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Amazing how often the “rub of the green” goes the way of this scum.


Haven’t bothered turning it on yet but here’s a fkn novel idea AFL “how about each team just plays in their same jumper week in week out so that their supporters / players / opposing players are accustomed to seeing said jumper continually”
Except for Hawthorn who seem to think they need a clash jumper that would look at home on a Mardi Gras float


No, according to David King, Port are the real thing.

If we gain anything from this game it’s that we matched and at times outplayed a very good football side (umpires or not).

Hopefully give us a bit of confidence for the weekend.

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Agree. They’d be better off in their normal kit.

Its A-League finals time. I’m busy

The pies look depressingly good.

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getting ugly - on the scoreboard… and in the crowd


Who the Fark signs off on these guernsey’s

And we are only a goal worse than them. Does that cheer you up?


Like so many of our games against Port at Etihad… over at Quarter Time.



Was always coming, really did not understand the such massive hype coming into this game.

There was hype? :no_mouth:

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