Round 7 non-essington games thread

may they go bad come winter


Tippa, Joe, Raz, Stringer vs this Port backline… OH MY.


Settle down Collingwood lover.

Port are shocking, fumbling everything, dropping easy marks, not sticking tackles, not putting their head over it, not getting to the contest.

Match of the round according to all the “experts”

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We are decent umpiring and/or Oraaaaaaaaazio being in away from beating these ■■■■■. One thing is for sure, we didn’t allow them to waltz through us like they are doing to Port right now…

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just a wild guess, but I think if anyone posts something negative about Collingwood then @Heffsgirl will give it a like


0-0 18’ in the elimination final here at AAMI Park. Best stadium food in the country. Currently devouring a chicken burger

You know me well


Nothing on the SCG!


They know who Port are right? :smirk:


Burgers at Perth Glory’s ground are pretty decent


Pies playing well but Port are our absolute bunnies right at the moment. I think it’s like 9 of our last 10 (excluding 2016 with the ‘top up’ team) …

Would be pretty confident playing them on any ground, especially in a final. Quite different to the early to mid 2000’s! Cornes brothers, Tredrea, Dew… urgh.

A brilliant win in the rain against the Eagles a few weeks back perhaps fooled a few people on Port. The Eagles were absolute dog sh*t that night. Port’s other wins - Melbourne, Carlton & North Melbourne.

ALeague games count as non Essendon games right?

Granted I don’t listen to much pre game stuff but tonight is the second time I’ve heard a senior coach before the game come out and say we’ve told them to go out and have fun.
The other time our coach in rd1 against has.

Maybe they should be telling them to go out and do their ■■■■■■■ jobs as a reminder they are supposedly elite sports people , not under 11’s

This is ■■■■. i’m going to watch atomic blonde.

Umps are being very farkin nice to the Pies.

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Watch the Victory game!

Port are the biggest front runners in the game though.