Round *yaaawwwn* 14 - The days are getting longer

Lets hope the Crows can put a massive dent in Norf’s top 4 hopes.

Go the Crows!

I hope North lose in the last second to the worst umpiring decision of all time, just for the fun that would result in Scott’s post match press conference.

It’s a weird sort of game.

Goal reviews are a farce.

Goal reviews are a farce.

Can’t see (working) but concur.
The picture quality simply isn’t there, regardless of camera angles.
Anything that is less than absolutely obvious should go back to umpire’s call.

Any team that plays Nahas can’t be any good !

Adelaides defenders have been watching too many vids of James Gwilt

Petrie is seriously done. They’re only playing him to keep the impression that they’re in the premiership window alive.

Crowd booing Lindsay Thomas every time he goes near it, … must be a bunch of racists… there’s absolutely no other reason, . right?

Robbo can’t think of one.

RIP North 2016

I like the Crows.
I hate the Norths.

34 scoring shots to 16. Norf are lucky not to be buried by 100 points.

Somewhere, Norths solitary fan is sitting there arguing with someone they are still legit premiership chances.

Adelaide has such a well balanced team. They should do pretty well for the remainder of the season.

Who would have thought that North would slide like the pack of over rated hacks that they are.

Who would’ve thought a team where Robin Nahas gets a regular game isn’t actually any good.

Fark Norf!

The only person that didn’t see this coming is Brad Scott. Or is it Chris? I don’t know and or care.