Rugby Union

Less said the better on our pool match vs Fiji.
We were pushed about, penalties conceded aplenty and a few errors down to just pure inexperience did us in. Just not good enough…Well done to Fiji.

Doubtful we get out of this group now. And even if we did we’d be only making the numbers up when you look at the top 4 nations’ level they’re playing at these days.

Oh well. Heading home early Eddie and the boys I’d say.

Yep :white_check_mark:

Another national embarrassment. Fiji were great though.

Wannabes? Woeful.

National disgrace.

Fiji are coming good, no longer an easy beat.

Less said about the Wallabies, the better.

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Eddie Jones is miles off it. He’s taken a team that are miles off it. The whole thing feels like a joke. He only decided on a youth focus on his way to the world cup. Gave them no chance but did give himself an excuse.


How bout now

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Was the score really Wallabies 15 to Fiji 22 ?

The great Eddie Jones…

Well … Eddie and the boys are right up against it out there in France now Perce. Lyon this weekend vs Wales who have their own issues but seem to know how to beat us Wallabies. We’ve gone with Carter Gordon at 10 and no experienced backup e.g. Cooper or Foley. And CG is being found out, targeted and now low on confidence. Big skipper Will Skelton and our excellent tighthead Tupou both out injured suddenly… our game has gone south big time as a result.

Biggar will run the show and they’ll match us all over the park. Gatland is nothing but organised, whilst our Eddie is shuffling the backs and props about in hope. New boy Donaldson who’s done well to fly half and Kellaway to FB might help. And Tate is back at scrum half. But its a patchwork setup now. He took a young Wallabies squad to this WC that might backfire on him and us fans as early as this weekend.

There is some hope I suppose. . Eddie can still conjure a performance when its backs to the wall. That’s Eddie. But the rugby media knives are out for him already given one win in 7 since he took over.

Its Hail Mary time. Wales will be favourites for sure.
But I’ll be cheering our boys on. You’ve got to.


In Eddie we trust :slightly_smiling_face:. Not a lot else to right now as we approach the Wales game on Sunday with dread…

Meanwhile the big game this weekend is Ireland v SA.
This will be huge and a classic this one. All green in the Jackdaw nest once this kicks off.


SA 8 - Ireland 13. What a game.

Brawn, collisions and quick ball vs tough, smart rugby.
Ireland kings of the turnover … I feel like I’ve just watched the RWC final. It was high class and one of the Irish best wins. They were great.

Fingers crossed for our Wallabies tomorrow i.e. Sunday … but a France v Ireland final would be fitting.


Would love the Irish to win. Irish vs France would be great.

Also. Go Wales.

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I just think Wales will win, we are a rabble on and off the field atm. We almost need to not get thru the group stage for change to occur.


If there is even a skerrick of truth in this, he needs to go. And preferably before the Wales game later today.

I was enthusiastic when he took the job late last year but he sounds like a grub the more time goes on.

Plus the onfield results? Urgh.


He’ll be going back to Japan to coach. His wife’s Japanese - and so was his mother.

He shouldn’t have been appointed.

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That’s fine.

He was also born in Australia and decided to take up the coaching position at the Wallabies ten months ago to coach for five years on a multi-million dollar deal.

And here he is… when the focus needs to be on this country’s World Cup campaign (as average as it has been!), he is sidetracked with coaching interviews from rival nations.

It’s sh*t.


Eddie was born and grew up in Tassie, played his rugby in Sydney, iirc. The fact that he has strong family ties to Japan, both via his Japanese mother and his Japanese wife, and that he has already coached successfully in Japan, twice, suggests that he’d have no problem in returning there. If the Wobblies fail tonight, I reckon he’ll be off to the Midnight Sun, quick smart. Suntory could easily beat his Australian fee if they wanted him. He also was on the board of Goldman Sachs Japan - maybe still is…

Just end the experiment and start fresh.


Plenty of low points over the last 15 years… but this is now the lowest point.

Failure to progress out of the World Cup group stage and losing to an equally mediocre Welsh side 40-6 (after losing to Fiji for the first time in nearly 70 years) is that point.

Union is in turmoil in this country but maybe it needed to reach this point for a complete reset because so many of the power brokers behind the scenes just won’t tolerate it anymore.

The distraction around Eddie Jones and Japan hasn’t helped but it’s not just that.



The ■■■■ has happened to the Wallabies!!!