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Anyone know if ジョーンズさん has activated his Japanese citizenship yet ?

So …
The need to touch the bottom is right there with the RA
One of our true emerging stars and bright lights in Mark Nawaqanitawase is now switching codes to the NRL.

Well that’s just great.

No coach, no Chairman, no rugby banter, no real chance of a sudden influx of top talent.

Wasn’t Mark the face of the Wallabies V British Irish Lions 2025 Tour?


A definite improvement.

But then even a wheelie-bin would be an improvement on
ジョーンズさん !


Like it.

As Perce said he’ll be a massive upgrade on our last imposter of a head coach.

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Very good coach. Was essentially the ABs coach at the last world cup

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Schmidt led Ireland to three Six Nations victories in a row. This is a big win for Australia.

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Please don’t let me get my hopes up. As a Bombers and Aston Villa supporter - I have enough disappointment in my life.


It’s going to take at least 5 years to fix the mess Australian Rugby Union is in.

And that’s a conservative estimate.

Hope I’m wrong but it could also be nearly unfixable. Good luck to those at the helm trying to turn it around - they’ll need it.

There’s a British Lions tour & home World Cup in upcoming years. Hope we can be at least competitive.


Melbourne Rebels entering voluntary administration with a debt of over $9m and unable to pay players just a month out from season start and are going to probably have to go cap in hand to the VIC government for a bail out.
It was a bad decision to let them enter the comp in the first place and they have offered nothing to Rugby so won’t be sad to see them disappear


They’ve done very little for grassroots rugby in Victoria. Quade Cooper was good when he was here. Surprisingly so. Have barely seen anyone outside of him

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Time to bring back Danny Cipriani. A good mate was a physio when the Rebels first started. He has some amazing stories.

Unfortunately don’t see Danny making any comeback now. He’s hung up the boots for good it seems.

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Here’s a REAL rugby team :


Was a good Six Nations opener.

Ireland were superior all across the park. Alhough once their hapless forward repeated his yellow card head hit and got sent off, French had a right go. They love their rugby in Marseille … but were well beaten down a man or not.

Ireland favourites to retain their crown for mine.

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Ireland 36 - Italy 0

Maybe the collapse of Melb Rebels is the start of the much needed reform and rebuild of Rugby in Aust. Let’s see if Rugby Aust have got the guts to make the hard decisions.