Rugby World Cup 2019 - Japan

Crumbling under Fiji pressure.

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Is it wrong that I’m barracking for the Fijians?

We are, look how we lost the line out just before. They practice that all the time…we shouldn’t lose them.

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Get out!


Not if you are a Fijian.

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Wallaby forwards not fit. No one for Genia to pass to there off the ruck.

our scrum goes alright

Try!!! Come on, Wallabies!

Wallabies need some Walla magic

Back in it.

And over again!!

Cracks being papered over.

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All the momentum now but Allblack is right.


3 tries in 12 mins for the Wallabies. In control now. Genia important.

Edit: Make that 4 tries in 16 mins. The Wallabies have fully woken up from their slumber.

Anyone else yelling ‘go wide ‘… yes!

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And another!!

Gone from 12 - 21 down to 39 - 21 up since I started watching 20 mins ago.

(Should have tuned in earlier, so sorry all…:no_mouth: )

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Wow, down 12-21, I put the kids down for a nap, come back and see us go 39-21 up.

Edit: BSD subbed in for me and got the job done.

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39 - 21 final score.

It will be fun switching from one ref who knows the rules to three umps and their creative interpretations.

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I take full credit for that turn around


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