Run to the finals - 2020

10 games are done, 7 to go to complete the H&A season. We are 2 points off 8th place with a game in hand.

Remaining games (Ladder position end of round 11):

Port Adelaide (1st)
Geelong (3rd)
West Coast (4th)
St Kilda (5th)
Richmond (6th)
Melbourne (9th)
Hawthorn (15th)

We are on 5 wins and a draw. 9 wins and a draw might give us a sneaky chance of squeezing in to 8th spot. We need to win 4 out of the 7 games, as a minimum.

If we beat Melbourne and Hawthorn (both have a way better midfield than us - so no guarantee), that would mean we need to beat 2 top 8 sides.

I can’t see us beating Port, West Coast or Richmond, we have zero chance of this. We have to beat St Kilda and Geelong, they are the sides which are gettable.

Finals looks shot. That GWS game is the killer. Let’s hope for a miracle.


We’re not making finals. End thread.


We’re going to finish 10th and miss finals on percentage.

One things for sure if we make the finals with the draw we have coming we would deserve to be there.


please dont

What you should have done @reincarnated, is stipulate that it is a general thread about all teams and their changing fortunes of making the Finals, Top 4 etc…

Put a small paragraph in BOLD stating that it’s not a bash Essendon thread.
Unfortunately I had no luck with this request last year :grimacing:


Don’t all the teams we’re competing against play each other as well?

Do any of St Kilda, Melbourne, Collingwood and the Doggies have an easy draw coming up?

Pies haven’t played Port, Brisbane, GWS, Melbourne.

Melbourne haven’t played Port, Brisbane, GWS, Collingwood, Bulldogs, Geelong or Saints.

St Kilda haven’t played Brisbane, GWS, Melbourne or Eagles

Doggies haven’t played Geelong, Melbourne, Brisbane, Eagles.


I don’t want to make the finals only to be embarrassed by another thumping defeat.


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What order do Collingwood and Ninthmond finish?


Ok, you got me, we’ll finish 9th and miss on percentage. Collingwood to finish 8th.

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We should have beat fark Carlton, gws and gc and needed 2 more wins. But we didn’t because we’re hot garbage.

We’ve had a wretched run with injuries this year but equally we drank plenty of our own bath water after knocking off the pies.

Getting our forward line back would help but the balance of our midfield is terrible and we carry far too many guys with glaring deficiencies in their games. The core of the problem is that we just make too many errors. Skill errors, fumbles, poor decisions with the ball, poor decisions without the ball.

It’s a complete ■■■■ show to be honest.


West Coast a chance if it’s in Queensland and they start sooking it up again

I said weeks ago that we will only win two more games for the year. The GCS game was one of those.

We going to end up with 6 wins and be 14th on the ladder.

Surely by the time we play Eagles, they’re due to travel?

They’ve got 6 games at home. By the end of this current block.

Threw away our season against Carlton
Threw away our season against GWS

And now Gold Coast.

We aren’t playing finals 9th-15th finish

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Some home truths and a clean out needs to happen the whole club should be put on notice at seasons end

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NO. Lets play some of the youngsters and get game time into them. Rather than waste our time. We are NOT finals material. Even if we get JoeDan, Ambrose, Hooker, Hurley, Heppell, Zacka, Fantasia, Mozzie, there are NO guarantees we’ll play finals. It would take more than a miracle with some of the bad habits we’ve adopted. Yes I know we’ve had lots of injuries so has everyone else. We were lucky to get away with a draw last night, our first half was terrible. We won’t get away with doing that against Port, West Coke, Richmond, Geelong, St. Kilda, we might have a show against Melbourne and Hawthorn who are mediocre and up and down like we are.

Unless of course, the footy gods smile upon, and the umpies do the same. The AFL seldom smiles so don’t expect anything from them.

That really doesn’t sound like a high bar to make finals. People are talking about this like it is mission impossible. I’d rather us get in having some wins against top 8 teams vs only beating those below us. If we are good enough we will make it. We probably won’t.

It is for us the way we’ve been playing.