Run to the finals - 2020

I’m glad we have a tough run home. No point scrapping into finals only to lose straight sets.

If we are good enough we have to beat teams above us.




Kind of a pointless thread. Doubt we’ll make the 8. If we do, first round exit.

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I’d rather go vegan than watch us lose yet another Elimination final

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But, but, but, in order to ( eventually) win finals players need to actually play in them. If we miss out on finals, another year goes by with 22 players missing vital finals experience .

Having said that, I don’t particularly want to watch us lose another final either.

My heart can’t take another finals embarrassment. Winning against top teams before the finals might give them the confidence they need.

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Given the rate of attrition at abbatoirs, you might need to look at plant based anyway.
Its a shame, because you will die if you don’t eat meat 2-3 times a day.

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Take it easy and maybe don’t subject yourself to torture. So, was the op a success? Clearly you are back on the Blitz, so I suppose you are OK.

Yes all good. I’m home now recovering.


If we can start winning and add a few more healthy players back in then we will be in a good position.

next few weeks will need to fit following blokes in returning from injury.

fitness guy aim is to have everyone with a game or two under theire belt ready for finals.

Positive is we have our best midfield available - bar Heppell,
Draper encouraging
and some forwards getting on the park.

we really need to win 2 from the top 4, because we will essington one of the matches against the lower ranked sides.

Port Adelaide (1st)
Geelong (3rd)
West Coast (4th)
Richmond (6th) (Bogey side)

we have beaten Port/Cats/Eagles in the past.
But yeh Tigers are bogey side, but we should have inside intel.

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I dont know about playing the kids

But can we please play Clark, Ham and Guelfi instead of Towsnend, Hibberd and Cutler.

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We will also have to put a stop to sides just waltzing out of our forward line at will every time we don’t mark the ball.


We won’t play finals. If we do it will be another 10 goal job.

Minimum win is 10 not 9, with our shyte percentage that means 10.5 wins.

This means 5 wins out of 7. If we beat Hawks (likely) and Dees (50/50), we will need to win 3 of 5. Therefore Saints is a must win. On form we won’t beat any of the rest. I say best case we win Hawks, Dees, Saints and one of the remaining 4. This gives 9.5 and finish Nineth!

I’d rather finish bottom 4 than 9th


My bad. Simulator shows 9 games with percentage can make finals. But we are shyte so finish 10th.

I don’t think it matters as much as other years. Scouts have had poor access to the under 18s so you’d reckon pick 10 and pick 4 are a flip of the coin in terms of who ends up being a better player.

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We only need to win 4 more games coz the draw. 9-8-1 will get you in.

I don’t think we will be tussling with other teams who’ve also drawed (Richmond top 4, pies not far off and suns not near 8th).

We can beat: dees, hawks, saints and port (they’ll start resting players/form slump near finals).

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IF we made the finals and had to play those sides…wouldnt like our chances against Eagles at Home, Maybe Saints would be a chance.

Imagine the umpiring - final against eagles in perth
or Final against AFL love childs GWS and Pies, maybe better not to play finals.

Wonder if Caracella and Rutten can use their intimate knowledge of the Richmond list to sneak us a win over them…

Desperately need key players in the side, otherwise even if we did manage to limp into finals, it would be for nothing. I’m talking Heppell, Stringer and Daniher.

Anyway, you get the feeling that a loss to the Saints will be shattering for the team. It’s going to get dark.