Russia invades Ukraine - 3 - from 23 Oct 2022



I will not close the 3 polls started yesterday until tomorrow but results are clear since nobody voted “No”.

For the Bushmaster and Artillery polls 27 and 22 respectively voted Yes and 1 person voted “Disagree with question or range of options” in both.

Have not seen any comments proposing different wording for question or options. I am guessing the objection was to my deliberate choice to not provide an option for anything less than all they ask for, other than to say “No”.

People can still change their votes. I would assume “No” just means don’t automatically give them whatever they ask for rather than don’t give them any more.

The third poll was:

Result unanimous with 10 people voting Yes so far.

My view is that 5 would be enough for “we” to “try” and 10 has a reasonable prospect of actually organizing a wider campaign. Any No votes would not affect what “we” do, so better start now as the matter is urgent.

Whether the campaign actually takes off and whether it succeeds in getting the shipload of supplies suggested by Mike Ryan shipped to Ukraine will be known later. But the attempt to organize starts NOW.

If you want to publicly identify yourself as participating so that others can send you a Direct Message with contact arrangements click the like :heart: icon. Otherwise do not, even if you are glad others are doing so and looking forward to a public announcement of contact details in this thread.

Following poll is to anonymously guage how many are available to take on various responsibilities. The multiple choice poll allows you to pick any combination. But logically you should also tick any lower numbered option if you pick a higher numbered option, except for item 5 which requires IT skills but no other commitment.

If you tick any of the other options then ALSO tick option 1 whether or not you identified yourself publicly by a liking this post.

My estimate is that at least 2 or 3 are needed for item 3 and at least 1 or 2 for item 4. Others may have different ideas on the minimum needed and the relevance of an anonymous poll for checking whether they might be available.

It would be up to those who include option 3 to sort out how to organize and contact all the people who “like” this post.

    1. 1 Receive notifications of campaign activities for possible participation or suggestions
    1. 2 Actively campaign. Write letters and blog posts etc etc
    1. 3 Take responsibility for campaign success as an office bearer/leader.
    1. 4 Be a public spokesperson
    1. 5 Technical administration of internet presence

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I am only ticking item 1 as cannot commit to anything at the moment.

I’ll leave that poll open until somebody notifies me that arrangements have been made and announced for people to participate.

Bomber blitz is a forum for Essendon supporters. It has threads for members to engage in issues going beyond football.
But is it appropriate for the forum to be used as a vehicle to mount campaigns unrelated to Essendon football ?


Above is clearly structured to identify people who want to actually mount the campaign elsewhere, not to mount it here. Though obviously when it gets going there would be news about it here just as there is for many other activitities.

PS As stated explicitly - the “we” who will be trying to organize a wider campaign mounting it elsewhere, is “people who voted Yes” not as Essendon supporters or participants in this forum.

People who have become members of this forum are free to DM each other if they wish to structure, mount and participate in a campaign outside of this forum.


Which is EXACTLY what I just suggested they do.

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straight from the FAQs baby

Approval must be sought from mods or admin before making posts that intend to incite a movement/reaction/organise activities on Blitz. Failure to do so will result in the posts being removed and can result in suspensions


If the mods object they will no doubt remove the posts.

I was aware from responses to previous suggestions to actually mount a campaign via this forum that this is not permitted.

In my view above does not:

It explicitly intends to encourage those who indicate they want to organize activities in support of Mike Ryan’s proposal to select option 3 and contact others who like the idea via DM and find an IT person to administer an internet presence elsewhere.

If that is too close to organizing activities on Blitz I expect to hear from a mod. They strike me as knowing what they are doing without needing assistance.

FYI this is the tweet posted here referenced. It is plainly posted here to encourage support for it like many other such posts. I am simply suggesting how people who want to actually organize for it can contact each other to do so elsewhere which plainly also encourages support for it rather than actually organizing that support campaign here.

I would have simply started a thread for organizing if I was under the illusion that was acceptable.

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Edit - currently mass missile salvos hitting Ukraine. Will know the air defence outcome in a few hours.


Unfortunately Turkey and Greece are too focused on each other to donate tanks to Ukraine.


Turkish donations to Ukraine have come from the private sector and charities.
The Turkey Government contribution has been in closing the Bosphorus to warships other than home ports, as well as in sealing the deal for the grain corridor safe passage.

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Yeah. Just saying the vast vast majority of Leo 2s and other tanks in NATO are held by Greece and Turkey. They are the nations best suited to send bulk armor, but their mutual animosity means that neither will scale back their land forces. There isn’t much tank depth elsewhere.

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The Turkish like to have a foot in each camp though and are more than happy to take the money from Moscow


Ukrainian air defenses are working to intercept Russian attacks after Moscow’s forces fired more than 30 missiles at Ukraine on Thursday morning, the Ukrainian Air Force said.
Air force spokesperson Yurii Ihnat said on Ukrainian television that around six Russian Tu-95 aircraft had “taken off from [Russia’s] Murmansk region and have launched missiles."
"We expect more than 30 missiles, which have already begun to appear in various regions,” Ihnat said, adding that Ukrainian air defenses were working to intercept the attacks.
Some missiles hit Ukraine’s west-central Vinnytsia region, Gov. Serhiy Borzov said on Telegram, but no casualties were reported.
The head of the Kyiv city military administration, Serhii Popko, said on Telegram that more than 15 cruise missiles had been launched “in the direction of Kyiv” and all had been shot down.
An air raid alert is in place across the country.
Drones repelled: Separately, Ukraine’s Air Force Command has said its air defenses shot down 24 attack drones sent by Russia overnight
The attacks come after the United States and Germany said Wednesday they would send battle tanks to Ukraine.


Earlier stats by the Institute for Strategic Studies - limited to Leopards- put the Greek figures at 183 for the 2A4 and 170 for the 2A6HEL.
There was some mention of a Spanish offer withdraw because they had been stored too long for repair.


Meanwhile Norwegian media reported that Norway joined Wednesday’s Tanks Giving Day ( numbers unspecified).


Fark Putin.

If I had a Leopard tank I’d donate it to the Ukrainians.

I’d encourage everyone to think this way.