(SACK SCOTTY) Round 17 Non Ess Games


This is rigged.


Can Geelong muster a comeback in the last quarter?

Stats say No


Why the FK are they advertising the grand big Mac when they told me it was discontinued?!!


Last I heard they did them on Wednesday





Nabbed one at maccas in Warragul


U got jibbed!


Another great quote from Bruce: “they need to get the next one don’t they?”

No Bruce, they will win if they don’t even though they are down by 3 goals.



Why do they advertise dance comp when its a bunch of dudes flipping and sommersaulting with greasy bare chests?


If that wasn’t a mark (which it was) then why wasn’t it incorrect disposal after throwing it away?


Or holding the ball because he has taken possession and his sweet ■■■ time.


How the crap do you kick OOTF from 5 metres inside the boundary and almost at right angles?

Geelongs disposal in this last 1/4 is at Fark Carlton levels.


Kick was barely 10 metres.


Geelong are woeful.


Buzza should wear a tutu and spandex!


Narkle is a good pickup by the Cats, really like how he goes about it.


Joedan kicks a goal from 60 and it goes through into 10 row not much is said…Gablett misses a straight 55 metre goal and commentators say it was a tough shot on goal.


We r going to hear more about this game


1 minute of patheticness from Menzel that has cost his side any chance.


Geelong smashing clearances. But thats about it