Saturday Footy

Rich 11.9 - 75

BL 7.7 - 49


Around 3 quarter time. Conca and McGuane have 3 goals each for Richmond.


After this game, unless Brisbane pull another comeback, Richmond will have the same amount of points as us (52), making tomorrow afternoon's game even more important.


Geel 12.7 79

Port 4.4 28


Half time, Selwood with 3 goals. Thankfully Port are two games clear of Carlton so Carlton won't be in the 8 this week.

Joel Selwood is a CHEAT, plain and simple.

The guy goes into every tackle, every pack situation, initiating high contact with opposition players.

If he gets touched on the shoulder for a millisecond, he looks directly at the umps.

Actually, he doesn’t even look anymore, he knows he’s got the umps fooled, and just assumes the free everytime.

If I hear one more Geelong fan call Jobe a cheat re his Brownlow, I’m gonna go schizoid.

Someone knock his fkn head off in the Finals, please!!! (Mortal Kombat style)

lol come on richmond, choke.

Angus has gone berserk.

Go Gus!! 7 goals

Anyone want to tell me why Monfries plays like this at Port but rarely played like this at the Dons?  What were we doing wrong with him?

Kicking it over his head?

Go the Doggies. Lol at Mick ‘strip all Essendons points so we will make the 8’ Malthouse.

Go you Doggies!

Carn the Doggies! Keep it up.

My god, how is that a free. And then the maggot points the wrong way so all the Dogs players stream forward.

Half time at Etihad.


Carl 6.6 42

WB 8.9 57

would love to see the doggies end carlton here

Bhahaha Andrew Walker just did th biggest squib act. Pulled out completely.

Blues playing like a club that needs to rebuild.

P.S. No one cares Monfries kicked 7 (straight!) in a loss?

I hate Carlton, I hate Malthouse

Well it was fun whilst it lasted. Hopefully Doggies can get back into it.


Go the Doggies. Lol at Mick 'strip all Essendons points so we will make the 8' Malthouse.

Yeah what a ■■■■ he is