Scarf found :-)

it appears I lost my beloved Essendon scarf between Etihad Stadium and the multi level carpark at Harbourtown last night.  Has badges of Tim Watson, Simon Madden, Terry Daniher and some current players.  HUGE sentimental value, so please keep an ear out, will happily pay for it's return!!

good luck, K! 

On the way to the ground I saw a scarf on a pillar at the corner of la trobe and harbour esplanade, it didn't have any badges on it though.

got the scarf back!  Thanks for the messages :)

Best news!

If you say that it was another Essendon supporter that returned it to you The Age can then run another article about us.


"Essendon thief filled with guilt returns much loved scarf"

it was in your pocket, wasn't it? 


Good luck K :)

Agree. Brought the forum into disrepute.

Owner needs education program.

Badges intact? 

Poor governance to lose it in the first place.


damn self-reporting

What a great result.


We will be there with our support when the infraction notice is issued.

Word from inside the club is that Koala will be fine, but Mendozaaa will be banned from wearing scarfs for a year.

Post about how you found it!

I’m betting she left it on the hatstand on her way out.

As punishment, Andy must complete an MBA in Portugal. 

got the scarf back!  Thanks for the messages :)

Well done! Sacred memorabilia.