Screw Worsfold - that’s all

28 Minutes without any learnings?

For Shame.


If we can take on our Learnings, this thread will be Top Four very soon.


We say that at the start of each thread, only to face swift and inevitable disappointment.

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You’d be better off DJR taking a ladder to top 4, rather than waiting for learnings. Our learning tend to take a long time to learn.

I didn’t watch the last thread at all, but I’m happy to take any questions about it.

Spoiler alert, I’ll probably reply that I didn’t read the thread, but that the mods probably know what they are doing.

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I’m sure Blitz people want the thread to be better than it is. They can’t just expect to be better because they’re Australia’s biggest sporting fan forum. It’s a level playing field with download caps and crap NBN that everyone has to adhere to.


Yeh look I’ve had a good look in the mirror this morning.
And I’ve come around to what John has said.

This is my fault. I should have had more patience.
I mean, I think I’ll be alive for another 40 years.
How dare I. And learnings.
Well I’m still learning.
Sorry John.
Love Tip

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I never thought John was referring to supporters but people within the club when he said Essendon people.


The first thread was affected by: suspensions, returning players, new game plan, and COVID. So, when you think about it, this is the first real Worsfold thread.


Well its obvious, I do not have your patience. I’m am older than you and do not have another forty years or even twenty maybe not even ten years. Learnings be damned you tell me what these blokes have actually learned? How to be a failure? How to make up excuses? How to throw in the towel EFC style? How to give up? How to be passive aggressive? How to slide down the ladder? How to not turn up? Desperately looking for a robot role model player, who plays hard and skilfully and doesn’t stop?

Last week, thank goodness. No kissy, kissy, we 'gonna miss you and tears.


Believe me sir,I feel the total opposite to the post.
When your coaches and leaders continue to throw out excuses,and have low accountability standards.
You start believing them too.

I know you were only joshing, I’m pulling your ankle.

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Essendon Football club is like a family. Some of the great Melbourne families which originated in the 1800s, the Grimwades, Davies Ramsdens, Feltons, were powerhouse families of the 1800s and early last century.

So was Essendon Football club. Maybe our time has passed. The great Essendon may be consigned to being a footnote in the history of the game, and destined, like those great families of the past, to become the Fark Carltons or even Fitzroys of the competition.

Its ironical that one of the nails in the coffin of the club might have been hammered in by a bloke from Perth, that upstart nouveau riche city in the west.


Ahhh ya got me.
Honestly though,what looks like the worst situation for us at the moment,may be the door to our next period of sucess.

Got a feeling we may see a massive trade out /trade in / delist/draft in period.

List may look very different in 2021!

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Slight ankle pull: 11 weeks out.

I am deeply disappointed that this thread’s contract was extended.


It would have been beautiful had the thread reached max this weekend, and then we all never spoke of this sorry PR episode again.


I’m deeply disappointed I was only 3rd in the most posts in the last thread. I will have to do better in this one!

Only 3 days left of the fraud

3 days baby

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The admins of Blitz positions must be called into question. How could they allow the extension of this topic when it’s only 3 days until the West Coast plant is fired back to WA via the cannon??

Hard questions must be asked. Do they not have any learnings.


I’ve had enough.
I’m going to write a very emotional, scattered, fact-free but most importantly passionate petition to Mendozaaa demanding stuff. Better stuff.
Who’s with me?