Season 2017 - Hawthorn


can’t get enough of their demise


It’s a beautiful thing to watch.


JOM - only on 9 possessions mid way through last quarter.

Saints keep the Hawks down low on ladder with that high draft pick in play. Could end up being the biggest backfired trade of all time.

How many times have the Hawks sold a lemon to other clubs though. Thompson. Hay. Williams.


So yeah…looks like we broke hawthorn.


Do they need a lend of our top up players from last year?

FMD we were better last year than they are this year.


3 10 goal losses in 6 rounds. How much time did their previous 3 take


Yep, l call[quote=“Rhino-D, post:224, topic:3896, full:true”]
So yeah…looks like we broke hawthorn.

l called it in another thread. And yes Essendon showed more fight last year with top up players. We’re a happy team at Hawthorn… yeah right.


Clearly tanking for the best draft pick possible, … even if it will be in the 50’s … surely??


Wouldn’t do them any good, even if true. Something more sinister could be afoot here, such as the Dawks floating the idea of reintroducing a priorty draft pick. Laughable l know, but no strnager than other things in Bizarro - Clarko world.



Cant underestimate the effect of the botched mitchell/lewis stuff.

maguire would be sniffing around clarkson as well I reckon.


Commentator said today “but they’re without Rioli, who to be honest hasn’t been in great form”

Expect a fine from the AFL. You can’t go saying that!


Could end up a lot of things. Saints could draft a spud and JOM could win 5 consecutive brownlows.


Can Hawthorn please trade Vickery back to Richmond now.

He’s done his work.


They arent even a Victorian side anymore. They are the Launceston Hawks


He’d be sniffing around Hawks drafting team. Olivia Williams doesn’t seem up to snuff without her onfield coaches.


And Launceston doesn’t even want them.


As if they are surprised by this?


Lol. We have won more games than Hawthorn, Sydney and North combined!


Can Jaegar kick the ball? I am yet to see a high percentage kick that is effective.