Season 2017 - Hawthorn


If we’re just talking about what he’s currently reported as dealing with then imo he will be fine and is more likely to play games at the back end of the season than he isn’t.


Anyone else remember Mick Malthouse writing this

Everyone buys into Clarkson being a genius. The last trade period and off season would have to be the single worst series of deals in the history of football.


lets not forget alot of people around here wanted us to throw a substantial amount at JOM.

On paper he made the right calls in moving on older players. obviously the replacements have some question marks over them.
always thought the vickery part of the trade would be the one that came back to bite him on the ■■■■.
JOM you could understand chasing if you fix him you get a top 10 comp player.

right or wrong, at the end of the day there’s no real way to transition older and successful players without crippling your club.
We did the opposite and kept alot of players around well beyond their use by date and it didn’t work either.
So he was smart enough in one sense, but at the end of the day, trading for vickery will probably be his biggest downfall.


It just goes to confirm - everyone’s a ■■■■■■ genius in hindsight.


The Afl has continually described jom as a boom recruit.

Today Dr larkins described jom as a project player.

Thats a significant redefinition of the kid.

Doctors never give guarantees, so its not surprising that Larkins refused to guarantee anything about Jom except that he might play footy again.


Garlett and Jon o rourke were the first steps along this path
They thought they were smarter than everyone else
Not dissimilar to Sheedy’s last few years.


How cooked is Hodge?
Pretty much his only assets now are playing the man, and hacking it off the ground.




The trade period that just keeps getting better. Even Nathan Buckley would be shaking his head.



Season done, 2017 draft picks gone, Hodge jumping ship, and the Jaeger bomb blows up in Hawthorns face.

Bill Paxton actually says what Clarko and the Board are all thinking.


Could the Hawks have kept Mitchell if they wanted Mitchell? I reckon they’ve been proven right on that call.


they had 6-7 of their best 22 out for tonight, and they still rolled the in form team of the comp.

Say what you like about clarkson, but the ■■■■ can coach, sadly even with the JOM and vickery recruting he may well turn them around within a few years. ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■.


Fine by me if their first draft pick is now well into the forties, and they’re set to lose a stack of critical oldies in the next year or so.


Don’t think it’ll be turned around in a few years.
They still have a lot of old guys to retire (or trade off) and they still have young guys who haven’t been tested to see if they can play consistent footy for a full season.

Before the season began, I thought they were good enough to just sneak into the finals or maybe miss should Melbourne and the Saints improve.
After the first few weeks of the season, I thought they’d be lucky not to be bottom 4.

What they’ve done this season is certainly an achievement given the spot they have been in. But they haven’t hit rock bottom yet.


Meh the Swans were due to drop one. At the end the end of the day they still needed a heap of Burgoyne brilliance to rack up an irrelevant 9th making late season scraped win.

When Hodge is gone and Burgoyne is gone and its all up to the new spuds and this years pick 40, they will be crap.

They are going to be crap for years for all their topping up and ignoring of draft talent.

They will pay.

Fark them and fark Clarkson


People said the same thing about Geelong yet somehow they are getting the job done without dropping too far. They said the same about Sydney but they also keep making it work. Until I see it I won’t believe it.


I think this ‘level year’ thing is playing into the hands of Geelong and Hawthorn especially.


I hate him, but Clarkson is a master coach.


He’s an outstanding coach. His ability get his plan across and the players ability to implement it is most impressive. And they had some very good players who were absent from last night’s side as well. Gives you the sh*ts, really.