Season 2017 - Hawthorn


Dead cat bounce


3 times?


Sam Mitchell retiring. Will be remembered as an Eagle great.


fark him


Still 4 games for him to do a knee


Or a spine


Clarkson sucks.

Gets Roughhead back, gets Omera, gets Mitchell, gets whatever he wants by his recruiting team.

Their list is far better than ours and look at this.

Thats what you get for treating loyal club men like meat.

Lesson for all those who want to knife Jobe like it has no consequence on what we mean as a club.

and his two little ■■■■ proteges take out the spoon and the runner up spoon.


I wonder if Dodga doesn’t like Clarkeson?


Best coach in the comp by a mile.
He will have them through a rebuild and competing for a flag again while half the other clubs are standing there swinging their dicks in the breeze


He hasnt had to rebuild ■■■■ ever. They’ll be crap for years.

Dimma is handing him his ■■■■ with a cobbled together list and kids too.

Go Tiges. Bury this ■■■■.


Plenty had them tipped to finish lower this year and he has them playing some decent footy. Their Ressies are a mile better than the rest of the VFL sides. Hurts me to say it but they won’t be down for too long. He is a brilliant coach


Tommy Mitchell with the high elbow fend off straight into the face/nose of Corey Ellis. Had to go off with the blood rule, the action and resulting injury 10x’s worse than Zach’s


Hawthorn in reality are very quickly turning into LOLingwood.

They are another 1 or 2 Ricky Henderson/Chris Mayne/Daniel Wells type pick ups from being exactly where LOLingwood are going to be for the next 5-6 years.

However, we’ll still do nothing to bridge the gap or seperate ourselves from the rest of the mediocre sides and rest our caps on Dodoro picking up a few good players in the draft that won’t be ready until the rest of our young guns are almost in retirement.


Yeah nah. Hes ■■■■. Hes a flog. They will be ■■■■. Trust me. The comp is going to enjoy making them the new Melbourne.

People said he’d make Ty Vickery good too. People are spooked.

You cant polish a turd.


Hope they fold.


Not sure about being a flog. Hates losing and shows passion, always stands up for him team and will kick the media when they have a crack at him or his team. Sounds perfect for me. He is tactically a genius and is always thinking ahead of the curve. Have seen him operate at all levels over his career and he is brilliant at his job, every club in the comp would have him if available.
As for his side, yeah they are lacking a bit ATM but look to have a few good kids coming through and a few more in the VFL. They currently have bugger all draft picks but wouldn’t surprise me if they pull off a shock signing or two in the next couple of seasons. They will be playing finals again before plenty of others. As much as I’d like to see them bottom for awhile they won’t be


And, to continue the metaphor, we’re still waiting on our balls to drop



Well, the AFLW teams won’t.