Season 2017 - Hawthorn


I was somewhat NOT serious. Don’t tell anyone though.

But I think you are, don’t take this badly, perhaps too much the other way. This is not healthy.

Can I give you some food for thought.

Every now and then someone might come up with a new theory on how to see footy. In his case, well done on coming up with the theory that a list of elite kickers will be able to slice through the flood and press and well done on recruiting accordingly and prior to the expansion teams coming into existence and everyone being unable to quickly replicate.

Well done on keeping your on field leaders going well about 3 years past regulation expiry date. What drugs are you on Hawthorn and what have you got away with. Well done. How does Burgoyne at 34 have the 3rd longest consecutive games tally?

Now that everyone else has copied and matched that theory, he has to invent some new theory that about 100 or more smart, competitive footy minds (ie other teams coaches and footy influencers) can’t think of.

You really see him as some kind of superior being?

I don’t like the odds of him coming up with some new theory nobody else thinks of again.

Furthermore, even if he does, I don’t see him having the recruiting means to be able to achieve it quickly.

So he therefore need to stick with his existing theory and get more elite kicking players to replace the aging and retiring ones.

The rest of the comp needs to continue to refuse to trade with them and needs to continue (last year was good for once) to stop doing dumb things - like thinking that their trash is actually good and trading for it. Leave them with their Hartung’s and Vickery’s. Leave them on their list.

And next year the good teams with good players need to smash the ■■■■ out of them. Smash them into submission. Smash the remaining believe that they are somehow superior.

Its important for us to no longer respect them. They are no longer worthy of respect. They are now are garbage side and should be treated as such.

Even if you do think he’s a genius. Just believe that they will fail. Change your mindset. Maybe begrudgingly down the track we’ll be forced to accept we were wrong. But for now. He’s crap. They are crap.


Gibson has retired effective immediately.


Welcome to Essendon Josh.


LOL, he was already cooked in Round 1.


They lose Hodge and Gibson off their salary cap.
Would laugh if they end up jagging Kelly or Dusty.

They don’t have the picks for Kelly. Only hope is Dusty or Rockliff.



Need picks for Dusty aswell


Isn’t he a restricted free agent?
Of the pay is high enough won’t Richmond get similar draft picks to what Geelong got for Ablett?


Before “having picks”, you have to convince Kelly his future is at Essendon, not elsewhere.

That is 99.9% of the effort.

Picks/players/draft is the last 0.1%.

Once a player nominates a club his is 99.9% certain to get there - Swans O’Keefe is about the only one who didn’t and he got a flag at the Swans for his troubles.


Dusty’s about a week into a new contract, so no, not a free agent.


Has a contract been signed?
Didn’t know that.
Thought something was supposed to be announced prior to round 23 but nothing certain yet.



Master coach Clarko loses to tiring spoon Carlton kids in round 21.


and Burgoyne still was the only bloke standing up and trying to get them home.

From 2018 it’s Vickery and the rest of the spuds to ice the game.

No more Burgoyne to save your ■■■■.

Die scum!


Genius clarko brought in his “boom recruit” but jaeger failed to fire, with 17 disposals, 1 mark and one behind

Fark hawthorn,


Seriously? They have 4 flags in the last 10 years. They could lay down for the next 13 years and still have a flag every decade of their existence.


Was there another game on tonight??


Except the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s


Hawthorn supporting mate a few years back light heartedly boasting about being the most successful modern day club. I acknowledged that but reposted, you’re not the most successful club in the league, to his claim yeah but footy got serious in the 60’s. I just laughed and said we hold all the aces in this argument.

Likewise, an Eagles supporting mate a few years back. We’ve been in the comp twenty odd years and one three flags in such a short amount of time. I said, yeah well win another 14 to go and then come back to me. We’ve got VFA flags too and proper history. Pay ya dues ho…


The Mayblooms.

That moniker would’ve struck fear into the hearts of opposition teams back those times.


The Mayblooms wouldn’t be in the AFL without bribing us to throw that game in 1924…


AFL website trying to talk up how brave the Dawks have been this season. Pffft!
Mitchell has been their shining light Without his prolific possessions they would have lost even more games. Jaeggar back on the park is a good thing, for him. He still has to back it up next season, Hickory, Vickery Spock, remains a super spud.