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Hawthorn have sacked their chief executive Tracey Gaudry after only five months in the job.

It is understood that Gaudry was told of the decision on Sunday night after negative feedback from the AFL, Hawks officials and football staff.

Knew the writing was on the wall after she took over and straight away lectured the players telling them to “pull their socks up”.


Reports also carry the line that AFL was blindsided by her appointment and that, among other things, she did not get on with the AFL
Leaving aside her lack of experience in Australian rules, she seems to have been well qualified in sports administration and management, going beyond cycling.



This club is all over the place. I’m not sure they’ve bottomed out yet. On field, O’Meara is no guarantee and will be under pressure next year, Burgoyne is done after next year and the following will all be 29 or older as of next year:



I’ve got no doubt they haven’t bottomed out yet. They’ll be bottom 6 for the next few years


I am so, so, so, deeply hurt and wounded over their plight. My heart feels heavy. Mum’s spaghetti.


Essendon Black Ops

HAWTHORN’S acting president Richard Garvey was a lifelong supporter of Essendon — the club’s greatest rival — until 2011.

Garvey this week took over from departing president Andrew Newbold, who has endorsed him to be elected as his permanent replacement.

Hawthorn’s unwavering support for Garvey and his family after the death of his wife in 2011 played a part in his conversion to brown and gold.

The KPMG auditor said on Friday his conversion took place after Newbold and then-president Jeff Kennett lured him on to the Hawks’ board in October 2010.

“I confess that I was a long-time Essendon supporter and my road to Damascus experience happened in early 2011 after I joined the Hawthorn board. I can also advise that I have two sons, the younger one who has always been a Hawk. His mother and I spent many hours driving him to games and training,’’ he said.

In his message to members he spoke of his wife’s death in 2011 and how he felt compelled to support them.

A club president with a background supporting another team is extremely rare but not unprecedented.

“It was less than a year (after joining the board) when I undoubtedly became Hawthorn, always,’’ he said.

“My wife passed away and the club organised for the players to wear black armbands at the next game I attended. This meant so much to me and I was so overwhelmed. In this moment I realised that Hawthorn was more than a business and football team — they were family.

“There is a famous Hawthorn quote; ‘If you embrace Hawthorn, Hawthorn will embrace you’ and this has been my experience.”


Ian Dicker was an Essendon fan too…until his prospective father-in-law told him he had to swap to Hawthorn if he wanted to marry his daughter.

As was Felicity Kennett.

Some people have no loyalty.


Why shouldn’t she have her say, given that the journos are sourcing their reports from the club and the AFL?


I thought Felicity was a Cats fan, she was No.1 ticket holder for a while.


Sheeds lost her when he accused Hawthorn of sniffing “substances” in 1983 or 84.

Apparently Sheeds was on thin ice with the Essendon board over that comment.


Oh, didn’t know that. Thanks AN


Hawthorn saying that Gaudry resigned due to extenuating personal and family circumstances


Posted at the time it would be a challenge to juggle her roles as UCI Vice President and Oceania President of the UCI - This position requires lots of hours and travel - As of a week ago she spent a week in Norway for the Road Cycling World’s - This probably played a part in her demise - Agree that has a solid background in sports administration.


Then spent the day ringing their media friends to tell them what they really thought.


Gaudry may have been set up by the AFL in the failed AFLW bid. Reportedly the AFL got Norf - the other club with the Tassie connection - to put in an amended bid involving Tasmania and with Tasmanian government funding.


Def something fishy going on here



I find it hard to believe that footy fans anywhere give a stuff about the interminable ravings of SWMNBN and get themselves involved in the boring nuances of corporate football management. Who cares which corporate borf works in which office or if he or she has the corner office? It would be no more interesting if it was about the bloke who sells timber around the corner from my house. It’s less interesting than my tax return.


Ex Hawthorn premiership player says…

“There is a fair bit going on. I don’t know the circumstances around Tracey’s departure from the football club, but I know there’s some situation of a lot of people being disenchanted and dissatisfied there.

Sore losers.


Indeed - before y/day I couldn’t have told you who the Hawthorn CEO was. By tomorrow, I won’t even remember her name. Don’t think I could name more than 3 or 4 CEO’s across the whole AwFuL competition.