Season 2017 - Hawthorn


CEO’s Hmm - Brendan Gale, Xavier Campbell, Peter Jackson
I dont even remember the Hawks exiting CEO’s name… actually no Tracey Gaudrey i think.
Geez that was a struggle And Maybe Gary Pert was Pies CEO but he left? or was he footy manager.


Ian Robson Essendon, resigned, went to Melbourne Victory ( no saga stigma); Fox Hawthorn, went to MCC; Mark Evans , from AFL to GCS. Some reports suggest that Garvey should have appointed Evans. Garvey may be the next to go.


Too funny


Genuine lols. The ‘Bo-Gans’ are back




A lot of divisions down at the club and some influential people looking at causing further issues. Appointing Jeff is done to put a stop to that.


All the lels


Violating their own constitution, or at least stretching it to breaking point, to bring him back too.


“the President, Richard Garvey, indicated that he was resigning as president of the club accepting responsibility for a recent Board decision

Sacking the CEO?

Rather weird to mention it was due to a board (not President) decision, and not say what it was.


I think they actually mean appointing her in the first place.


“The Vickery Effect”


Hubris. I hope karma keeps on biting them on the ■■■■.


Tyrone Vickery is tearing thatjoint to the ground and peeing on it.


Putin like politics at the Hawks. Kennett brings in 6 yr maximum terms only to come back a few years later himself.

Hope they implode.


Smart call Big Al.


Wonder why Stevenson resigned from the Board. He is the one with the Launceston connections


I hate Hawthorn and everything to do with it.


didn’t kennett also want to move on the angry little ant, and then he went on to win a three peat, or at least 2 after his claims ?

I wonder how that will go.


I hear theyre merging with Melbourne


Come on man, spoiler alert