Season 2017 - Hawthorn


"good bloke"


Hodge was courageous in accepting he was courageous.


Hodgey was too busy in Syria defeating ISIS with his bare hands.


In B4 Channel 7 sign him up as a "special" guest commentator for the game


It's funny how football clubs lie literally all the time.

There's no chance they suspend their 32 year old former captain and most important player for not notifying them in the right way about missing training (one time).

Clearly it must be something more serious.

Edit: and courageous


It actually sounds like it could be a set up. Former captain supposedly stuffs up in a seemingly minor way, club et al go bang to demonstrate to the young'n's how serious it all is, that no one is above it and set the tone for expected standards ... former Capt gets an extra week off to extend his ageing body's season.

Pulled the same trick myself,... asking the CHF, (& best player) in the U18's to rock up late for training one night during pre season, w/out a good reason & cop an extra 10 lap's after all the other boys got off the track. Works a treat.


No, inside information, he got a cut above the eye, and failed to wear the club mandated bloody bandage. He used a band aid instead. Its just not the same "courageous" impression the club expect from members of the leadership group.


UPDATE: DERMOTT Brereton says Luke Hodge is a ‘model citizen’ and Hawthorn has overracted by suspending him for its Round 1 clash with Essendon for ‘failing to meet club standards’.

L O L. Model fucking citizen.


It's Dermott Brereton, getting advice from Dermie on what it takes to be a model citizen is like getting sex advice from the pope. Dudes 50 with plastic surgery and cruises around with Warny hanging out with girls he's old enough to be the father of.


who cares they're a club of parasites.



ps. yes, I edited op's spelling


How is this for spin, aka. grade A bull-plop.


HAWTHORN coach Alastair Clarkson has revealed he was not part of the decision to suspend former captain Luke Hodge for Round 1.

Hodge will miss the opening round because he failed to inform the club he was going to miss a training session.

The ban has left some asking questions of the Hawks' decision to come down hard on Hodge on this occasion given it didn't suspend him last year when he was caught drink driving on the eve of the finals series.

Clarkson, who said he supported the decision to suspend the premiership captain, has revealed why Hodge was suspended this time.

"One's being treated by the law and one's been treated by our footy club," he told radio this morning.

"The one treated by the law is no different to you or anyone else having a drink. He didn't actually do anything, he's allowed to have a drink, he wasn't playing at the time.

"In terms of all the protocols we have at our footy club, he didn't go outside of them except in regard to the law and the law said that he'd tipped slightly over the edge in terms of having that drink.

"In terms of compliance with what we establish at our footy club, he didn't step outside that and that's why this one he did, albeit they say 'oh gee you've got to be kidding' in terms of what he did there wasn't too much in the one last week and there seemed to be more in the other one.

"But according to what we rate our players on in terms of their trademark and what they're expected to do, that one (missing training) was outside our boundaries."

Make of that what you will.


"He didn't actually do anything"

Was just waiting for a mate?


Yeah, break all the laws you want, just make sure you show up for training.


Pretty much.


Check again.
I suggest that drunk driving may not be sanctioned by the club, though perhaps I'm mistaken.


This quote still is amazing when you read it over and over again...
In terms of all the protocols we have at our footy club, he didn't go outside of them except in regard to the law and the law said that he'd tipped slightly over the edge in terms of having that drink.

Club protocols are that you can break the law as long as you don't break the law by too much?
On a real slippery slope there.

No wonder Garlett didn't last long with them. You can take cocaine buddy, but just don't take too much.


■■■■ poor from the family club. Sounds like they have Pauline Hanson doing their PR.

There's no planet on which it makes sense that drink driving on a public road is less serious than missing a training session.

Unless, it's something more serious than drink driving, and they're lying.

Or, as someone allluded to, it's a fake penalty for some other reason and they tried to milk it, but forgot about the drink driving bit.


According to report in a WA paper, he had hosted his brother's 21st and got confused about whether he was required to attend training. No big deal to miss R1 as compared to missing a final for drink driving, Perhaps the leadership group had more insight into his confusion.


According to his clubs tough policy, he would've been better driving drunk and getting to training on time rather than missing it.