Season 2017 - Hawthorn


How do they feel about training drunk?




Sweep the leg


Can't train due to "illness"...


Waverley Park Flu


All the commentators mentioning Tom Mitchell as being a like for like replacement with Sam have no idea. Accumulates like Sam but does nowhere near the damage. His disposal by foot last night was horrible.


They are cooked.

Hodge, Burgoyne and Gibson all gone at years end. Possibly Roughead too. They have nothing coming through and the next generation of draft picks are with the GCS and Syd.

Mitchell and Omeara will be carrying a ■■■■ side for the next 8 years. Omeara will seriously regret he decision for the rest of his life.


Stuff him...he was set to come to us and than does a backflip....hope our recruiting team sent him a


JOM seems to be frightened to kick. 60 disposals in 2 games, 45 handballs 15 kicks.thats a 3:1 Handball to kick ratio. This is very high even for a purely inside mid, and the resulting low metres gained is one of the reasons his ratings are much lower lower than the top mids in the comp. Zac Merrett for instance has almost the inverse Handball to kick ratio, racks up massive metres gained and is now one of the top 3 mids in the comp.


I notice JOM had only 14 disposals yesterday. It seems he cannot break a tag, not that you would need to tag him, because thus far he has done no damage to opposing teams.


Even more satisfying is the trade value of their fringe players which they have always seemed to be able to move on for overs will be dropping significantly.

With no 1st or 2nd round pick available which were going to be high, no players really worthy of generating trade currency and clear ladder drop happening so enticing free agents harder they should be struggling for a while now.

Thank fark

Just need Clarko to leave and them enter a full rebuild and really bottom out.


Cyril would generate trade currency.


Yeah I wasn't meaning their main senior players which they'd need to stay competitive.

More talking the Hartung. Sicily types.


Ins – Tyrone Vickery




yeah I know. But like you said those fringe players are going to be shown up over the course of the season and lose their value. And with their first pick being 832 or something they're going to need to part with actual quality this time if they want picks.


Clarkos topping up strategy will be discredited, not because it doesnt work, but because he left it too late and ended up with too many old champions that he had to remove in 2-3 successive years.

Some of the remaining forwards appear to be dependent on the aging core of mids and half backs. I speak of Gunston and Breust and maybe even Rioli, who are not so good at playing high, winning their own ball and locking it in.

But the real catastrophe is they will not get good draft picks until they become competition easybeats over a period of 3-4 years .

Such is life if you try to defy equalisation gravity,. Laters Clarko



Yeah, dunno.
If one of our young recruits was perfoming like JoM, I reckon we'd be pretty pleased. He's a long-term plan, not an instant fix.


Is that a euphemism for something?
'cat in the backsack'?
What's that story about??


You're correct, but given they snuck in an extra flag you probably can't judge him too harshly.
They also had older guys like Lake, Hale etc that were probably more easily replaced than Mitchell, Lewis etc