Season 2017 - Hawthorn


Yeah that's a big loss for Hawthorn,I think they'll appeal.


Deep down we all know this is the likely future scenario:

Hawthorn will continue to decline, bottom out, maybe even win a wooden spoon, then re-build to become a contending team again in about 5-6 seasons.

Meanwhile in that time, Essendon will finish between 14th and 10th each year.



Remember Chainsaw Al. Dunlap?
When one of Kerry Packers companies needed a rebuild they would send this guy in to cut out all the deadwood, then appoint a good CEO to build the company back up again.

If Clarko is too close to his "champions " and not like Chainsaw Al, it will take a lot longer than 6 seasons to get them back into the top 4.

It will be interesting to see what kind of haircut he gives them. Probably needs to clean out at least 4 old players, and scare the living #### out of the rest of them.


Back to being known as the Mayblooms you farkers.


Too close to champions?
He dumped two of their top five players.

Think he'll be every bit as direct with his other champions.
And if they cannot respond between now and the end of the season, then they aren't worth keeping around.


Hope he knows it will be a big job. I know a guy who had an Ammo's under 19 praccy down there a few weeks ago. When he got there, at one end there was a goal post, a point post and a witches hat. Someone found another point post to replace the witches hat, and a plank of wood to replace a missing point post. So when the match started, when you went to kick a goal you were faced with: point post, goal post, point post, plank. Saints? Aints.


Farkinell is it your life's farking goal to make people feel miserable or something? Change the FARKIN RECORD FFS


A Blitz PSA.


Resting blitz face.


Why do you keep responding to them?


I look forward to mocking hawthorn's misfortune. Might just hold off a few rounds yet...


4 premierships in 9 seasons. They will be fine in the long run. I wouldn't fret (or gloat)


You do start to feel a sense of entitlement as a supporter after a period of sustained success. When Fitzroy defeated Essendon in the 1986 Elimination Final I recall saying to myself "what the f*ck is this sh*t?". That's not how the story was supposed to unfold.


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That's very mean Speedy :slight_smile:, but very amusing at the same time..


He is going to find it much tougher this time around.

  • He isn't walking into a club stacked with talent that has Hodge, Mitchel, Roughead Lewis and Franklin already on the list.
  • There are no players he has been working with at other clubs he can convince to come to Hawks because of his relationships (Dew, Burgoyne) or Gibson with buddy.
  • Fat chance getting the other clubs to hand over talent like Croad for pick 1, saints have started the trend the other way. Any memes of Ameet Bains bending Clarko over at the trade table?
  • There drafting just isn't that great, even when they had high picks in the early Clarko era they have had plenty of flops.

I get that Clarko is a great coach, but his greatness has an asterix next to is because of the priority picks rule change timing coupled with the introduction of new teams a few years later. Those two alone handicapped the rest of the competition.

Clarko is now running with a team that has very little young talent, aging superstars who are squeezing their last pay checks, a middle tier that has dined out on freedom previous stars gave them and no significant draft picks for this year.

He turns this team to a prelim within 3 years he is the greatest coach ever, he wont last 5 if he doesn't.

If I was Clarko I would take Jeffs advice and quit at the end of the year.Spend 12 months assessing which coaching opportunity had the best talent list to swoop in on and off he goes again.


I see Isaac Smith has chimed in with some gratuitous sucking up . Saying "Clarko is the man" .
Little does Isaac know that Clarko has already got a magnet with Smiths name on it on his trade bait whiteboard. If Clarko does stay, chances are, hes going to give Smith the flick for a 2nd round draft pick.


Smith would have got a first rounder last year. Will barely be worth a 3rd by the end of this season. It's over


Could probably argue the same for gunston and bruest.