Season 2017 - North Melbourne


Now Mason Wood out for 6-8 weeks with a hammy lol


Norf went through a period where apart from the perennially injured Wells they more or less always had a clear injury list.
Suspect the game has gone past what their medicos and strength/fitness guys were doing 5 years ago so it’ll be interesting to see whether the adapt or not (if you’re interested in that sort of thing obviously lol)


They had a charmed run for years injury wise.

Karma is hitting them finally!


Ben Jacobs with a broken foot now out for 6-8.
Their 1 room ATCO hut medical centre is filling up quickly

Ben Jacobs with a broken foot now out for 6-8. Their 1 room ATCO hut medical centre is filling up quickly

Rumours circling that Medicens sans frontiers will be providing assistance. The suffering and hurt experienced by these wretches has continued far to long according to their media statement


Jarrad Waite will undergo shoulder surgery and is expected to be sidelined for about a month.

Do they even have a team?




Still relevant.


Dunno how good Waldron’s sources are though.


Where they getting that money?

See ya, Josh.


Holy ■■■■

North have got to be kidding themselves there.




Poor kid. Has a hard decision to either knock back 1 mill a year and play for a ■■■■ side, most likely never win a flag. Or stay and hopefully collect a bunch of accolades and make up for it later. Don’t envy the decision he has to make.


He would be a fantastic get. What a seriously depressing place to commit to though. I’d love to grab a gun like Kelly.


I reckon hes good enough that other big (maybe even the good ones too) clubs will go for him. his kicking a serious weapon and he isn’t soft.


You don’t knock back 1mill a year at his age. See ya GWS.

Feel sorry for the Likes of Ryan Clarke who will be moved down the pecking order.

Come our way Ryan and play with Dylan.


The only reason I can think of that you’d offer a contract that big is that you have no intention of even trying to trade.


If anything they’d need to trade 2 x top 10 picks to justify that contract. Kelly isn’t a free agent.


Walk him to the PSD, doesn’t matter where you finish, nobody’s going to match a 9 year contract.


How can the afford this and be in debt? Surely clubs like the should have limitations to large financial decisions like this. Same with Doggies and Boyd. Unless they are not in debt.